Summer Fashion Trends 2014 – Summer looks bright, so you’d better wear bright outfits. Though summer is not necessarily bright, these hues are the epitome of summer.

You will not find many people walking down the street in dark outfits. However, now we would like to invite you to try another approach. Black and white are a fabulous combination, and they are getting overwhelming recognition this summer.

There are many creative ideas popping up this year. The summer runways are filled with gorgeous colors and designs.

It is one of the summer fashion trends 2014. Learn how to look fresh with certain patterns and colors. Here are some ideas that you can try without missing a beat. Black and white will be superb when they are combined with unique patterns. If you lack creativity, just recycle common patterns like floral patterns and polka dots. This summer is all about expecting the unexpected.

If people usually try to stay away from these patterns until the season lasts, now you can rock them all through the season. It is great to see certain patterns like stripes going up and taking a limelight again. Diagonal patterns are quite odd even though they are quite acceptable.

This season also take geometrics to the center of the stage. Many designers said that these patterns will be everywhere all over the season. They will be easy to find gliding effortlessly on the catwalks. There are a lot of summer colors that look good with geometrics, but black and white will add a touch of uniqueness to the patterns. These colors will make a good transition to the next season because they are not naturally for summer, but fall season which is more inclined towards soft and cold colors.

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Check out your closet and see if there is a basic white tank there. It would make a decent pair with a floral short. This pair will take the summer to a new level. A black printed shirt looks simple, but it will turn into a stunning ensemble with croquet party skirt. Still with floral patterns, you can adorn the skirt with vines being embroidered all over it.

Maxi dresses are also gaining popularity this summer. These dresses are never really gone after all these years. Maxi dresses have left their mark in the fashion industry, so they will be here to stay. Maxi dresses will highlight your summer days especially by applying light colors to them. Choose soft and lightweight fabrics for your maxi dresses. As for this summer, pima cotton could be picked as a material mixed with spaghetti straps. That’s all about Summer Fashion Trends 2014.