Summer is coming and, along with it, all the new trends for men’s fashion in the year 2021. To keep up with the high temperatures and sunny days, the garments come with lighter fabrics.

Other interesting points were the strong colors that were present in the most varied shades, from pinks and blues to yellows and oranges, and the prints, which appeared so much, in different shapes.

We list below a summary of the trends for men that stood out in the launches, check it out!

Men’s fashion summer 2021

If you are a man and live in tune with what is the newest in the fashion world, you will like to know that menswear summer 2021, is showing up on the catwalks and in the magazines.

As it happens every year, even before the season arrives, we have already begun to see in the windows of all stores, the new collection bringing the latest news. The fashion for them is more comfortable with more resistant fabrics and with large pockets. Some pieces have already fallen in the male taste, and are making the heads of men, check below what they are!

1 - Sets

The sets showed that they are here to stay and that this spring is all theirs. But beware! The sets here are always made up of shorts at the bottom of the look, so the top is free to define according to your preference and may vary between shirts, blazers, sweaters, or even trench coats. It is interesting to note that shorts with or without a set appeared mostly in short sizes, well above the knees.

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2 - Bucket Hat

The bucket hat (the famous fisherman’s hats, as they are popularly known) was a big fever of the 90s and came back a few seasons ago in weight.

Even so, the accessory was still a popular bet of the big brands, showing that it is here to stay and remains a darling for the next seasons.

3 - Pastels

The catwalks are bringing, as fundamental pieces in men’s fashion, pieces in pastel colors.

This summer will surprise you because men’s clothes are coming in pastel colors, but in colors:

  • Baby blue
  • Pink
  • Light yellow

It is possible to observe these compositions both in tailoring and in looks with a more sporty feel. In addition to suits and shirts, light jackets, men’s T-shirts and straight-cut trousers are also strong bets.

4 -The return of Tie Dye

The famous Tie Dye and the colorful clothes with details in washing are coming back with force for the masculine look. After a few years, without making too much noise, this vibe from the late ’80s, early ’90s begins to have space again in the collections. Tie-Dye already draws a lot of attention, so try not to use other prints to compose the look, so as not to pollute so much, if you have a T-shirt in style, look for more neutral pants.