Without a doubt, 2020 was an atypical year for the fashion industry. Brands from around the world have felt the impact of the pandemic not only on their turnover but also on changing consumer habits. Thinking about it, the fashion trends for summer 2021 bet on lightness and comfort.

Check out this post, what are the main fashion trends for summer 2021, and use them to create current and stylish looks!. This way, you stay on top of 2021 and which sets will be the most successful with colors and prints. All the trends, and the most beautiful looks for the coming year.

Puffing sleeves

After being a trend in 2020, blouses and dresses with sleeves are redesigned. Romantic, this type of mango is ideal for you who want to show a little delicacy in certain productions. How will I use puff sleeves daily? First, let’s think about balance.

One tip is that this type of mango is perfect for calming heavy looks. Combine ripped jeans and heavy boots with a puffed-sleeved blouse. With leather, it is also amazing since the romantic air takes away the sexy that leather brings to the look.

Loose and wide dresses

Comfort is the watchword! So, nothing more appropriate than a very loose dress to give lightness and comfort to everyday life. Very comfortable and versatile pieces that can be used with both heeled sandals and women’s sneakers.

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The model called a breezy dress may even seem exaggerated, due to the length, usually midi and volume, but it may surprise you with combinations that escape the obvious. Besides being super fresh, comfortable, and, obviously, fashionista.

Color Trends

In contrast to winter colors, which bet on aggressive styles and dark colors, for the trends of summer 2021, the option was to aim in softer tones to meet the changes in behavior brought about by the pandemic and social isolation.

The palette of the season, therefore, promises to transition between the typical vibrant colors of summer. Which convey the idea of ​​vitality, and the lighter and pastel tones, which reflect the feeling of harmony and tranquility. The mix is ​​perfect. Vitality and calm and balance, that’s all we need for the turning point of such a turbulent year.

For you to stay on top of everything

And for you to be even more up to date with all the trends in summer 2021. You should know that the main thing is the elegance and sophistication that you can have in your productions. Tailoring is an example.

For those looking for lighter and more delicate fabric, satin, knitting, lace, and tulle bring a lot of fluidity and comfort in the productions. Speaking of comfortable pieces, loungewear fashion, that is, clothes that can be worn at home or on the street, come with everything this season.

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And anyone passionate about accessories can rest easy because the handmade models made in straw, crochet, or manually are excellent choices. Minimalism will continue to be part of everyday life for many women and a fashion trend for the end of the year.