Style your look with boots. The boot is part of that list of shoes that every woman should have in her closet. Whether short or long, with heels or without heels, all boots are great for putting on looks in winter and even in summer, as well as giving a touch of style to any look.

Today, we have brought ways to explore different compositions with these shoes and how it is possible to build productions of different styles, always keeping this element in common.

Style your look with boots Boot + Midi skirt

This combo inspires sophistication and femininity. As the length of the skirt is medium, the trick is to leave a little bit of the leg show. Therefore, it is worth betting on short boots, medium bootsankle boots, and even boots, if the event is more informal. If the fabric of the skirt is more elegant, it is worth betting on booties with heels. For short girls, the tip is to choose skirts with slits, heeled boots, and bet on the monochromatic look, details that help to stretch.

Another possibility to look with a midi skirt and boot is to bet on a high-topped boot, which is covered by the midi skirt, leaving the look with a modern style.

Boot + Pants

Let’s combine one thing: nothing is more comfortable than jeans. And it is also perfect for composing practical and modern looks.

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The secret here is that you opt for skinny pants, which end up, emphasizing the feminine curves. If the desire is to lengthen the silhouette, the tip is to use the boot in the same tone as the pants. All jeans look is even more interesting because, the trick here is to use the mid-heel boot, or some boot model to mount over the pants to give them up that your production needs.

Boot + Shorts

The shorts make the look more informal and sporty, being a great option for composing the look. The main secret when assembling your boot shorts look is knowing how to choose the boot model. To avoid the risk of making mistakes, go with an ankle boot. And there are hundreds of models! With heels, without any heels, with cutouts, with a very tight or wider barrel, it can even be made of varnish.

And at the top? Almost anything goes there. And this is one of the wonders of this combination. Because, when wearing shorts with boots, you’re automatically betting on a sexy look and full of personality. Among our favorite partnerships is the good old basic T-shirt with a cool female jacket.