This year, wearing a big stretch belt on coat, boyish shirt, pencil skirt and shirt dress is one of the best choice alternatives. Every woman’s looks likes styles ranging from clothes, shoes, accessories until stretch belts. Yes, Of course a little thing but useful .Belt accent makes the body more slender silhouette and slim. Belt is also as a woman in stylish friend on the side to make a neat appearance and it doesn’t like the man who tends to monotony.

There are many kinds of stretch belts women that you must be known such us: Oby belts to look slimmer, for example Japanese kimono belt. White belts which are mostly made of satin, leather or rubber elastic. Thin belts which are simple and for casual. Jewelry belts and also wide belts. Many women’s will look more confident using one of belt type and the function of certain. But firstly recognize the shape of your body, especially the shape and length of waist area.

Make sure that the belt is selected according the color, materials, and motif skirt or pants that are used. In its applications, belt can be combined for office and casual fashion. If we want go to the party, you may wear jewelry belts. In facts when using a gown or evening dress though, the chain belt will make your waist look sexy. You can choose chain belt to create the impression glamour and how about men style?

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One important tips on how to choose a stretch belt: Your stretch belts colour should match the color of your shoes. If you wear shoes everyday that may mean you are wearing jeans, I suggest trying a belt made of cloth or something similar. If you wear suspenders, you should not wear a belt and suspenders together. A good belt size a variety of forms, some are thin and some are thick. It is amount approximately 5 to 10 cm (it is suitable for thin belt or shirt and sweater paired with skinny jeans or dress a little loose for thick models ) and you can maximize wear a belt with a loose or according to the size of your hips. It means that belts did have a lot to help cover the shortfall in our body parts. You can choose wide belt with a variety of leather, satin etc.

Nowadays, stretch belts are not only fitted at the waist or hips, but can be modified in the line of torso (line which is in a position below the bust line. It seems sexy. Wear a belt with different models then you can get the same clothes with different styles for multiple events. Beside that not only from the skin for women, belts also evolve both in shapes, size and use of materials. Fabric, metal chains, thin rope, until the modification likes corsets, have adorned women’s clothing in feminine style, rock style, to near extreme. There are many kinds branded belts such us: Monthblanc, Gucci, Lv,levis, Volcoom, etc.

Where we can buy a nice stretch belt? We can buy in the shoe store, fashion store, mall etc. We can also ask the seller how to choose a good belt according to their experience. Or we can buy it in the online shop.

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