If we want to stay different from all of the happening fashions in today’s era then we should really try hipster girl fashion. This fashion is an anti-mainstream fashion that we can find being worn by people that want to stay different. If we are looking this kind of fashion in the mall, it will be a very little chance for us to get it. Girls do love to wear something different because it is really bugging them when other girls where the same shirts with them.

This is why the hipster girl fashion has been gaining lots of attention from many people especially girls where it is not only offers unique style but also an anti-mainstream style.

Rarely Used Shirts

Talking about hipster girl fashion, we will reorient our thinking into a kind of fashion that is rarely used by common or ordinary girls. An example of this no ordinary fashion is the oversized clothes either it is oversized t-shirts or oversized cardigans.

This kind of fashion can make us easier to identify hipster girls because they will look very different by wearing that kind of fashion. Another fashion that represent hipster girl fashion is the vintage blazers. Yes, hipster girls usually wear this kind of fashion while they are going to public places.

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Another thing about these vintage blazers are the pattern or motive that is very unusual where sometimes comes with lots of bright colors’ combination. Another tops that usually wear by girl hipster is flannel. This old-fashioned clothes are very popular amongst hipster with all its button-ups.

Another Hipster’s Fashion

Another fashion that is categorized as hipster girl fashion is the kitten heel, these kinf of shoes commonly wear by girls who self-proclaimed themselves as hipsters. With all of those vintage blazers and oversized clothes, kitten heel will make a perfect shoes to make a perfect hipster fashion combination.

Moccasins also the kind of shoes that girl hipster usually when they are going places. From feet we are moving to head where girl hipster usually wear some unique head accessories such as headbands, bandanas, or even lumberjack hats.

Again, those kind of accessories will make us very different from other people. In conclusion, being hipster is not a sin. It is just a way from some of us to express our fashion taste. Having ourselves wearing one of the hipster girl fashion will supposedly look us different, unique, and also we will not find any other girls dress like the way we dress