Spring just released, we are at the perfect time to discover what will be the main trends for this season and update our wardrobe with the main novelties

We are already in spring! And what does that mean? Our wardrobe needs an update to prepare it for the season that we have just released. Forget about the trends that reigned until a couple of weeks ago, those fashions are already dead. New colors, fabrics, patterns, and garments are already waiting in stores so that your outfits for the next few months will exude current events through all their seams.

If during the winter we have lived under the influence of the 70s, fashion has decided to take one more chronological step and this spring - summer the eighties and nineties will be the ones that will exercise greater control over trends. You will observe it in details such as the recovery of minimal garments, oversize patterns, or the return of disco aesthetics.

Another of the currents that have most influenced the new trends of the season is the comfy trend that emerged as a result of confinements and teleworking. The ‘sporty’ garments, such as the tracksuit or the sweatshirts, confirm their importance as an outer garment that you can wear at any time, the cycling pants are back on trend and the heels are left forgotten in the shoe rack to embrace the flatter sandals and loafers.

Tell me about the sea, sailor

The navy aesthetic is immortal, every summer it returns with greater or lesser force as one of the star trends. How powerful is this 2021? Well, get ready not to stop sailing throughout the season because it has been sweeping like a fashion tsunami. If you are used to making a sailor wink with the classic white and blue striped pattern, this time it will be necessary to add a plus by accompanying them with white pants, knotted details, or gold buttons. You must also sign a new fabric; the nets will give life to all kinds of garments such as transparent dresses or vests.

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The top brothers: crop top and bratop

The confirmation of tops that reveal the waist is one of the most tyrannical trends of the summer. Start your abs chart tomorrow because fashion has decided that the navel should be visible at all times. In winter we have already become accustomed to crop tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, or blouses that reached above the waist. During the summer they will continue to predominate but share the limelight with the bra tops that are even shorter because they end under the chest. Actually, so you know what they are like, these are bras that you can look like a new outer garment.

We are going to love it

This season there will be no doubt when it comes to answering what is the fashionable color. Pink does not have any other shade to shade it and its power is so great that any of its shades is valid. We can choose from the strongest tones such as fuchsia or fluorine to the lightest and pastels. The latter, without a doubt, will be the big favorites. So you should be thinking about dyeing your closet with this type of roses where you can include the nude or the so-called baby pink Corny? Not at all! You just have to know how to choose and combine.

Back in the eighties

The decade of the eighties has served many firms, such as Paco Rabanne or Isabel Marant, as a source of inspiration in the design of their new collections. How could it be otherwise speaking of this era, the shoulders become the main protagonists with shoulder pads that have no end and a predilection for striking prints and oversize garments. Besides, these years bring us the disco aesthetic as an image to follow. Women, especially for party moments, should be inspired by the great divas of this musical genre and shine on the dance floor with designs full of glitter and sequins.

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Long skirts

If with the tops the firms have decided to cut clothes and show off skin, in a matter of skirts the path taken is totally the opposite. Indeed, miniskirts are still worn, but in their most mini version, but the winners will be those that, at least, exceed the knee. They can be worn tubed, with a flight, or one of the cuts that you will have to include in your fashionista vocabulary, and that are the wrap skirts that are those that go crossed and which are also usually called pareo. But they can still belong and completely cover your feet. In this case, betting on the column type will be a success.

Male footsteps

This season the heel takes a vacation. The footwear comes flat, very flat, both in closed models and in sandals. What you can’t miss for anything in the world is men’s style loafers. It is a very comfortable style of shoe that allows a wide variety of color and material combinations. The influence of confinements also reaches our feet and we are going to use slippers to be at home to go out, yes, with slippers that are their most luxurious version. Femininity will be borne by the colors and fabrics chosen.

Summer Olympics

If you are one of those who boasted of not having a tracksuit in your closet … now you will have to renounce your principles. Sportswear has definitely been installed in the urban outfit for the day today. Forget about using them only for sports, now they can accompany you at any time and for any occasion. The best thing is that they camouflage themselves, transforming into different styles and even adopt sequins, fringes, and all kinds of colors. This season you will not be able to miss a new sweatshirt, which you can combine with all kinds of garments, or some cycling-style pants.

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The essential ‘slip dress’

Another essential garment for this season is the slip dress. It is a dress with a very simple pattern, lingerie style, with straps, and usually made of very light fabrics such as satin or satin. They immediately transfer us to the minimalism of the 90s and can be combined with all kinds of colors. The best of all is that, believe it or not, you can use them for much more than for night events. In a more daytime outfit, you can combine them with sneakers and shopper bags and, in its short version; you can also pair them with jeans.

Openings everywhere

This summer’s time to show skin and, if tops are not your thing, there is a trendy alternative that is to bet on openings. There are different formulas to join them. The most daring, and difficult to defend, are two large side openings at the waist. Another option, and the most elegant, is to show off the opening as a neckline in the back. In this line, another fever is that of crossed straps at the waist and that you will see, and a lot, in swimwear. Join all kinds of openings, as if moths have taken over your closet.

The protagonist of a fairy tale

In a summer in which it seems that there are not going to be many events, the most special proposals lose weight but do not disappear completely. As for party fashion, the most important inspiration is fairy tales and it is proposed that women dress as if they were a princess of legend. How does that translate? The dresses will feature puffed skirts, lantern sleeves, delicate fabrics, or bucolic flower prints. The favorite details will be the ruffles, bows, and embroidery. You will only be missing the crystal shoes.

Finally, it was time to release. Are you ready for the new trends? Which of them is your favorite?