A cloth bag equals 1,000 fewer plastic bags, did you know? At Cotton Bags, we want to tell you about some of the advantages of having a cloth bag and using it for our different activities of the day.

Betting on the sustainability of the planet begins at home and an easy way to do it is by adopting the use of cotton bags, a change that will bring many benefits for the environment and people. Although it is true that the making of cotton bags also has an environmental impact, as they are reusable and made with a sustainable material, they become a much more ecological alternative than traditional plastic bags.

It is a fact that the culture we have to use and dispose of is not sustainable, and it creates mountains of garbage and waste that have enormously damaged the environment. The alternative of using a cloth bag, even if it seems a little small compared to the size of the problem, really makes a change.

Here we will explain why:

  • Some reasons that make cotton bags attractive over plastic is that they are much more durable, beautiful and practical since you can use them for different uses, and they are also more resistant. But it is the environment that is the main reason for leaving plastic bags in the past.
  • The cotton bags save water, energy, and oil, and reduce air pollution. They also help to have cleaner oceans and to save many land and marine animals that die from plastic bags.
  • They are easy to find and we can choose them from traditional cotton or organic cotton. At Cotton Bags we are converting all of our cotton bags to organic cotton to make them even more sustainable. Organic cotton is produced without the use of pesticides and is therefore much more environmentally friendly. Its weight is similar to that of any plastic bag, however, cotton bags offer greater advantages as they are more resistant, reusable, and biodegradable.
  • Plastic bags, on the other hand, can be located at the opposite pole. They are made from non-renewable resources and contribute to climate change since most are made from polymers derived from petroleum, the extraction, and production of which significantly affects the environment.
  • In addition, the use of cloth bags is cheaper, since we avoid the constant trickle of paying for each plastic bag and we save by reusing those dozens of times.
  • Finally, plastic bags do not decompose in nature, and they are highly polluting due to their additives. Recycling them is not a viable option either, since the process to do so exceeds their value. Even most recycling plants don’t have the capacity to process them and just won’t accept them.
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You can be the spark that starts the change! Do not forget that at Cotton Bags we reinvent ourselves day by day to always be the best option -for people who have decided to change their habits- and offer them the products to do so.