Slim Sport Look. Gone are the days when men didn’t care about what to wear, especially when it comes to betting on a casual chic look. Composing a slim sport look for men can be challenging. Especially when we take into account the variety of possibilities for combinations of pieces in this fashion segment.

In addition to the types of models possible, you must take into account that this costume can also be composed in different ways, depending on the occasion when it will be used.

Slim Sport Look for men and the possibilities of combinations

To attend social events in traditional settings such as work and parties such as weddings, birthdays and other celebrations, it is important to pay attention. This is because the fine sport look for men is not limited, which can result in classic and modern combinations. That is, the choices of the items will make a total difference!

I bet you’ve seen super-stylish productions and that, even with a modern touch, they look good on anyone who needs to dress with this type of model in traditional environments. You may also have noticed some clean and very minimalist compositions, but they can be used without problems on exquisite occasions.

The tradition can be marked in some specific pieces and you can play and use creativity to break the monotony of the look.

In the day-to-day work

Before starting to compose your outfit to work, evaluate some questions. Where do you work? Is it allowed to use a more contemporary style? Do people just dress in the classic way? Will daring be a problem?

If betting on a slim sport look for modern men is a constraint, it is better to invest in pants, shirt and dress shoes . You can finish off with a blazer and make the style more elaborate. However, if your daily environment allows for a more contemporary visual proposal, but still drawn to the traditional, choose to make some variations. For example: dress shirt with jeans, dress attire with shorter pants and no apparent socks or look with the hem of the pants folded.

Who wants to use a different color, but does not like to leave the classic, the tip is to bet on a lighter shade than brown. Yes, men can also use caramel !

At events and parties

For parties, the best thing is to always be accompanied by the suit. If you feel more free during the event, just remove the overlay and look lighter.

Check the invitation - when it is a wedding or birthday, for example - if there are any restrictions. If not and you want to dare, use your creativity. Dress up with a modern touch and without following the standards so much.

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