Skinny Slim or Straight Pants? The jeans are one of the jokers in the wardrobe of almost everyone! For men, they are mainly available in a slim fit, skinny and straight pants. All of them complete casual productions and even fit in more sophisticated occasions, as long as they have darker washes. However, choosing between slim fit, skinny or straight pants goes far beyond style. The cut and modeling of jeans are fundamental characteristics to enhance your body type and offer more comfort.

We have separated some tips and explanations on the most traditional cuts of jeans, to help you choose the right model.

Skinny Slim or Straight Pants?

Straight pants

The straight trousers feature a wider and stripped fit. It is indicated for casual occasions that allow a stripped-down look, but only for those with thick legs. In thinner people, however, small the size, the pants will be disproportionate about the upper part of the body. This can flatten your silhouette and destroy production.

For men with thicker legs, straight pants are a good option, even more so for those who don’t like tighter pieces. This model does not follow the shapes of the body, so it does not leave it in evidence.

Slim-fit pants

The pants with slim fit modeling - do not confuse with skinny - have a tapered cut and better accompany the body lines. Therefore, it enhances its shape and lengthens the silhouette. It looks good on any occasion and can be found in different colors, washes, and styles.

Recommended mainly for thinner men, slim-fit pants have a size that accompanies the adjustment of the legs. But that does not exclude its use by people with other biotypes, as long as they feel good. Especially because, unlike skinny models, it is not too tight. So do not worry!

As it helps to enhance your body, it is a great ally for many occasions. I even recommend combining these black jeans with a shirt to wear for social engagements. The production will enhance your posture and make the shoe stand out.

Skinny pants

The skinny pants are a great ally for men with bold style. It is very tight on the legs, especially on the shin, which makes it perfect for wearing boots and loafers.

Unlike slim-fit pants, this model is not very democratic and permissive! The ideal is that it is not too tight too, note this at the time of purchase. It is worth taking your measurements before choosing the numbering if the acquisition is made through the internet.

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