Rocker fashion. This style is perfect for those who like a more daring, sexy, and striking look. In the 70s and 80s the glam rock style, with brilliance and glamor, was a hit on the stage of rock stars, among fans, and in shop windows. Today, the Rocker trend appears in the most varied productions, guaranteeing an elegant and sensual look at the same time, with items that are wild in the wardrobe such as the leather jacket, plaid pieces, tights, and a lot of sequins.

Check out how to make your look bolder with this trend that breaks standards in music and the fashion world!

Women’s rocker fashion in everyday life

To use the rocker style, attitude and a little daring are needed! Since the 1960s, the trend with a rock footprint has never gone out of fashion. Since those times, many designers have been inspired by the look used on stage, by singers and bands. The best thing about this look is that, in addition to getting you ready to enjoy the best shows and ballads, it also looks great for everyday life. Yes, those who love street style will also like to make combinations that match this trend.

When and how to use the rocker style

This style has everything to do with the night, but it can also be used during the day. However, for this, it is necessary to know how to balance the clothes and accessories, so as not to fall into exaggeration. The unbeatable piece to give a rocker look to any look is the jacket and when combined with boots it gains an extra combination of boldness and attitude. This look goes with everything: from basic jeans and T-shirts to lace dresses or skirts, creating an interesting counterpoint to the sweetness of these pieces.

Choosing a beautiful look that provides well-being is a challenge to survive the events, but our tip to help in this moment of doubt is: little monkey with short boots - preferably, choose to wear boots without heels. Little monkeys are light and comfortable, that is, ideal for you to move as you want. Complete your look with pantyhose and if yours is a little torn, no problem! Remember that boldness is the keyword of women’s rock fashion!

Another way to use this style is to use women‘s band t-shirts with a skirt to make a break, the so-called rock-chic. The plaid shirt is also a great addition to give style to rock fashion productions. Whether wearing it stripped or tied around the waist, it brings the culture of music into fashion. The most common color combination is red and black.

On the feet, sneakerssneakers, or women’s boots with studs, buckles, and leather details finish off the production. Makeup also plays a key role in this style. Very marked eyes, with pencil and eyeshadow, are characteristics of the rocker style, without neglecting elegance and femininity.

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