Remove security tag: Here is the easiest and fastest way to remove security tag from your newly purchased garment.

Surely someone you know has already passed you, or someone close to you, who placed an order for various items online from the website of a large store establishment that has more chain departments, choosing that one by proximity to your home or stopping at In the case of not being able to receive it at the appointed time at home, go to pick it up. I don’t know if you have been asked for advice on this, but surprisingly yes. Getting to the point, what happened is that when this person arrived the product had a security label from the store.

This person asked for advice on how to remove it without activating the GPS module and releasing the dye pack and nerve gas. The answer was: “We will see what we can find out.” We learned that a short time ago she returned unscathed with her garment in one hand and the evil device in the other completely intact.

Remove security tag from clothing


These mysterious devices are pretty simple. While they can be mutilated with a pair of scissors, screwdriver, and pliers, they can be removed much more easily with a high-powered magnet. We recommend using a hard drive magnet and lightly tapping the mechanism. Whether it will come off your textile piece at the first blow is as uncertain as to the fact that they are complex devices.

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Security labels differ in shape and have various settings, but they all employ the same locking methodology. It is a simple spring equipped with a clip. This remover - at the same time classifier - of safety devices is no more than an electromagnet. So it repels itself with another magnet and is fought by another object of its kind. As simple as that. Place your magnet on the table and place the label bottom side down.


When you place the label base on the magnet, you will hear a click. At that point, you will have removed the magnetic tag from the garment. But sometimes the free is not operative. To do this, do not give up or give up. Be patient and manipulate a kind of scale up and down, and you will be out. Without complications. After this process, the label will still be completely intact so that you can return it to the point of sale if you wish.


You don’t have to read this article to conclude that shoplifting is illegal. You can go to jail (maybe not that much, or it is something very drastic) or face heavy fines, yes. This tutorial is for informational purposes only, it could not be otherwise considering that we are not dedicated to this. It’s also not fun, or in good taste, no matter how humorous it may cause, to put a tag on your friends’ coat when you go to the mall.

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We hope that the reading of this text has been didactic for the resolution of this mishap.