A Pumps shoe is a shoe that matches all styles. It is closed, with high or medium heels. Currently, the scraping has many variations. It is also made of various materials such as leather, varnish, fabric, metal, and plastic. A very current model is one with half a paw, a platform at the front that facilitates walking.

With so much variety, it is difficult to choose. If you still don’t have pumps to call your own, we’ve prepared some tips for you to choose the perfect model for you.

Pumps shoe

To work

Each corporate environment has its own rule. If you work in a blazer and dress pants, for example, sneakers can take the shine off your more formal look, so the ideal is the pump or thick-heeled sandals, as they are more comfortable for those who spend the whole day running from one side to side.

If you are a company that allows you to wear more informal clothes like jeans, then you can use more comfortable shoes like sneakers. 

For daytime events

The good thing is not to wear very high sandals, if you prefer, opt for the medium heel. To make no mistake, opt for models in classic colors like nude and caramel. Class and elegance in the right measure!

The nude model is also a great option for shorter women, as it lengthens the silhouette. The tip is to look for the tone that most resembles your skin.

For dinners or ballads

Let’s agree: Is there anything better than a good high heel? To attract all eyes, already half-paw, peep-toe, or scraping. The night allows to abuse the colors and even compose the look with a patterned shoe. But leave the thin heels for restaurants and diners, where you spend most of your time sitting. To fully enjoy the night ballad, the ideal is to choose the half model paw, which softens heel height.

Extra Tip: When choosing your pumps, try not to match them with the color of the bag because this trend has been in the past. The cool thing is that the colors are in harmony with each other, for example, a yellow bag with blue pumps, they are different colors that stand out and give all the harmony to the look.

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