Year in and year out, summer fashion continues to be light, fun, and cheerful. After all, it represents the sunniest season. From what people are using in other countries and what is presented in the last parades, it is possible to imagine what will be on the rise in the next season, and with the prints for summer 2021, it could not be different.

There are some prints that are already expected for 2021. See what they are and get inspired when renovating your wardrobe!

Vichy Chess

Vichy chess since last year has been the darling of international and national brands. In summer 21, however, it reappears in modern modeling, bulky shapes, and deconstructed pieces. Vichy is a type of chess of French origin, named after the city where it was created in the 50s, and which became a hit in the same year and the following year when used by actress Brigitte Bardot, known for her daring style, at their wedding in 1959.

The real thing is that, both in clothes and accessories, the productions with this print, bring a vintage and super feminine air. This print brings to summer 2021 an appeal of lightness in addition to giving a romantic and delicate air to fashion productions.

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The need for contact with nature and with everything. That is more natural brings the presence of floral and tropical prints, striking for summer 2021 fashion. The floral trend comes, in the season of the hottest days. Exploring its softer side and delicate, with a predominance of small-scale elements and pastel bases. The main flowers used as a reference for the creations are the flowers of the field. Suggesting lightness and here it will also be seen in footwear as the wedge heel that will be quite high.


Also known as polka dots, this trend of printing dominated the catwalks and remains firm and strong.

Bet on more modern pieces, which combine the pattern in bold modeling to update the look. The most sought after is black and white polka dots, but there is room for all variations!

Animal Print

Another print that is a trend for the season is the animal print, as the patterns of jaguar, tiger, zebra, and snake. If you like this type of print, but do not want to abuse the pattern in the look. An interesting alternative is to use accessories with animal print, such as a women’s belt or a puffed sleeve highlighted.

Great examples of accessories with this type of pattern are shoes ( clogs, sandals, and sneakers ), belts, and bags. Which adds a touch of style and originality to the look, complementing it perfectly, especially in the 2021 fashion that brings a comfortable footprint.