The way you move really says a lot about you. Learn the correct way to walk, sit, pose … to enhance your attractiveness. Watch your body language!

What makes us attractive? As important as choosing the right clothes is knowing how to wear them. Walk with confidence in yourself, take care of your posture when you sit and sit up, your gestures, your tone of voice … Our movements, gestures and ways of walking say a lot about a person. Learning to control body language helps to send a clear message of elegance, femininity without ever losing personality.

Correct ways to walk, sit, pose

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walking poses

Walk-in a relaxed way with light and pleasant movement. With no loaded shoulders or heavy movements, it’s all about walking in a coordinated way.

Way of sitting

sitting poses

It is very different when wearing pants or a skirt. The pants give more freedom and allow you to sit more informally. In the case of the skirt, you must be careful to keep your legs tightly closed, even cross your leg to one side as long as the skirt is too short. It is important that the back is not hunched and the shoulders are not slumped, maintaining a relaxed posture.
Pose standing

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standing poses

Posing standing up, the back should be kept straight and the weight can be dropped from one hip to the other to make the posture less rigid and more feminine because it enhances the curves.

poses gestures

The gestures of the face and hands are very expressive, it is not necessary to repress the character because otherwise, it would not be natural. It’s about controlling movement without losing personality. Be expressive and natural but elegant.

Get inspired by street style poses

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Relaxed postures, natural poses, attractive gestures, smiles and laughter …

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