What is Pinup? You probably hear about it many, many times. But does anyone really understand what Pin-Up is?

Well, it is actually a more ‘vintage’ term of saying a sexually appealing picture of a woman. You probably see a lot of it, probably in your grandfather’s old magazine that was kept in the basement. They usually feature some pictures of vintage girls with minimum clothes and appealing poses.

Now, that is Pin-Up girls. But let’s be honest, they actually have a unique sense of fashions, right? So why don’t you try the Pin-Up Fashion style?

Pin-Up Girl’s Clothing

So, the first step of doing the Pin-Up Fashion the right way is by choosing the right clothes. What kind of clothes suited for Pin Up Fashion? Well, there are a lot of variations for pin-up look clothes, but it will be better if you choose your inspirations from 1940’s or 1950’s fashions.
They usually dominated with one-piece dresses or clothes with a cute pattern such as flowers, dots, or even checkered. Find your inspirations look from Marlyn Monroe, Jane Russel, and such. If you want to shop cheap, I’m sure you can find great pin-up clothes in a second-hand shop or thrift store.

Pin-Up Girl’s Make-Up

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Another important step of Pin-Up Fashion that you just can’t miss is the Makeup, girls! Now, what kind of makeup you can use for a pin-up look?
Well, Pin-Up girls always use red hot lipstick, if not they usually use darker red colors or even red with a slight purple shade. Besides the super sexy lips, they also usually have really popped up eyebrows, so better work those eyebrows, girls because they have a quite stern one. Using a champagne color eyeshadow or thick eyeliner is also very appropriate for a Pin-Up look.

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Pin-Up Girl’s Hairstyle

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Hair is always important, no matter what kind of fashion style you are using. For Pin-Up Fashion, several popular hairstyles are mostly involved curling your hair. Yup, curly hair is a huge trend during the 1940s and 1950s.
You can choose both long or short hair according to what you like, but adding some curls is a must. You don’t always have to curl the whole hair, but often a little bit on the bottom part is more than enough, or a little bit near the bangs is also a great idea. Adding hair accessories like ribbon or headband is also really great.