Choose the fashionable looks for the Christmas parties that best suit you according to your body.

At Christmas give a special touch to your image with a different look. Dresses, pants and top with glitter become the protagonists for a more formal or informal party look.

To get it right, always take into account what type of party you go to (work lunch or dinner, Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve with the family, party with friends …) and also the shape of your body to choose the style that suits you best.

One infallible tip: Go for a single gold or silver piece and combine it with neutral garments for a casually perfect look.

Christmas looks according to your body

  • Round figure. A single-coloured set in a dark colour stylizes the figure and provides linearity. Pants straight and top chiffon empire cut neckline enhances adjusted to the chest and the backdrop conceals roundness.
  • Inverted triangle figure. A dress with a boat neckline is a good option for women with broad shoulders and narrow hips. The bateau neckline neutralizes the width of the shoulders, exposing the shoulder and the upper part of the neckline. To draw attention away from your shoulders, focus on something flashy like a statement necklace.looks fiesta navidad cuerpo:Voguemagz
  • Straight figure or rectangle. The rectangular body has the shoulders and hips at the same height without a marked waist. A set of black pants and top with details, such as gold sequins, is ideal for Christmas Eve or company dinner. Volumizing shoulders with rhinestones will make your waist appear narrower.
  • Triangle figure. The triangle body has wide hips and narrow shoulders. Highlight your well-shaped shoulders and hide your hips with an empire-cut tank dress with a halter neckline that will give you an hourglass shape. If you have dropped or rounded shoulders, this neckline will accentuate the roundness or fall.
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If you have little chest, bet on glitter, pleats, ruffles and rhinestones in this area to give volume. While if you have a lot of chests and a wide back, a V-neckline will help you to style.

looks fiesta navidad cuerpo vestido:Voguemagz
Complement your dresses and outfits with some jewellery and party bag. And don’t forget to give your makeup a Christmas touch with shades that match your clothes. You will be gorgeous this Christmas!

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