The style of the French women has always been a theme in fashion, even in men, with the Sun King (Louis XIV) who was staunch of fashion imposing the trends of the century. Even today French women are some of the most followed in terms of style (especially by those who do not want to look like the Kardashians in ANYTHING) and although few can boast of having the ” allure ” of a Parisian, today I want to talk about some lessons of style that we can learn from them.

The book “How to be a Parisian Wherever you Are” was written by 4 French originals, including the iconic Lou Doillon, and is a manual of everything that concerns a woman born in Paris, from her dress to her manner to seduce, through the books you must have in your library and even some tips to raise your children, this is a fun manual with the typical sarcastic essence of French speakers.

Paris is undoubtedly a mecca for those of us who love fashion, from Christian Dior to Coco Chanel and even Colette, this city has been an eternal inspiration for the whole world.

The Style of the Parisian women has a very important ingredient, and it is the characteristic ease of their look. A typical Parisian woman, even if it took a thousand hours to get ready, it always seems that they have spent only 5 minutes of their time making it seem that her beauty has not cost the slightest effort.

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Parisian style lessons
For her, less will always be more, her wardrobe is made up of basics and her hair will never seem too done.

Parisian women do not complicate their lives, simplicity is part of their daily lives, and their style can be composed almost of a uniform that simply varies in colors and fabrics.

I declare myself a faithful admirer of the Parisian style, I have thousands of images of reference to that “ Je n’ais se quoi ” that they have and that without being born in the city of light is almost impossible to acquire.

However, there are a series of secrets/lessons that we can follow and incorporate into our style to acquire a bit of the characteristic allure of the famous Parisians.

  • Confidence: Parisians, in general, have very high confidence in themselves, and the “Parisienne” par excellence believes that she is unique simply because she is her and that is enough. This is a great lesson that we can incorporate, and that goes hand in hand with the GirlPower that we promote at voguemagz.
  • Discretion: The true Parisian does not shut up what she thinks, however, as well as with her manners, her style is discreet, she never wants to attract too much attention because of her attitude, or because of something she is wearing. Its magic is in the set of qualities, but not in just one.
  • Mystery: If Parisians know something to do well, it is to maintain an aura of mystery around them, they are never so easily deduced, nor do they reveal their secrets at all. They always leave something to the imagination.
  • Details: Although it seems that they do not think too much about their look or their appearance, the Parisian takes care of every last detail of her look. Although it looks like she would have come out with the first thing in her closet and still look amazing.
  • Interior: A Parisian always has the perfect underwear, even if nobody sees it, this is her superpower.
  • Masculinity: The Parisian woman is not afraid of her masculine side, rather she makes him an ally to her style, and yet she is an ultra-feminine (and feminist) creature that does not have to wear a miniskirt and cleavage to feel like a woman.
  • A book: She never wastes too much time on social networks, if you see her in a cafe or the subway, she always has her book, and so she never reads it, she carries it in her purse or under her arm.
  • Lipstick: A true Parisian has a Chanel Red lipstick.
  • Care and subtlety: This is a great feminine lesson, although they are not exaggerated in anything, Parisians take care of their skin from start to finish. So be it with basic products, but your beauty routine never fails.
  • Intellectual: He always has a topic of conversation that goes beyond the everyday.
    A glass of wine a day: Red and by the glass, the Parisienne has this little secret for eternal youth.
  • GirlGang: She is clear that supporting and leaning on other women is her secret weapon, that is why she takes care of her “girl gang” or her group of friends as if there were no others in the world. An empowered woman can always empower other women.
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Well, these are some little lessons of “effortless style” that a Parisian can teach us, and although you can only have all the qualities having been born in Paris, we can incorporate some of them into our style and at some point say “Mais oui” !!