In recent times, some trends have returned to fashion. The pack, chunky sneakers, and even cyclist shorts have appeared here. Now, another piece that promises to shine in this new season is the Papetes. On the contrary, these shoes are nothing new; it was present in many visuals in the 80s and 90s. Its rustic vibe, although easy to combine with other pieces, does not please everyone. That’s why a lot of people are afraid to buy it but don’t worry. Check out how to use paper in your productions without fear of making mistakes!

Tractor: it is a success at the station!

It was a successful model in the past, and it has come back with everything for the summer in options with the thick sole or platform!

It goes well with virtually any type of women’s clothing ranging from dressesoutfits, midi skirts to jogger pants and sportswear! It’s worth investing in these wildcard shoes, both in a single color with a synthetic fabric finish and in colored, printed, or fluorescent versions.

Also, invest in prints!

The prints on the sides are in fashion. One detail is that the female paper does not need to be colored if you don’t want it, okay? You can take it neutral, in black, white, or gray with this detail only on the strips, for example.

If you want to invest in firm tones, reds, yellows, oranges, coral, and royal blue come with everything, mostly to compose with printed looks. The printed types rock with skirts, little monkeys, mini dresses, and very cheerful bibs!

Basic paper: very chic!

Now, if you do the elegant style, the tip is to bet on neutral papers. The synthetic fabrics in black, brown, beige, and navy blue give a chic finish, see? It is worth betting on both the flat models and the platforms! I also prefer paper bags without many velcro fasteners, which generally make shoes more casual.

A tip: Choose hidden closures only on the heel with few straps. It looks beautiful with a long dress, midi skirt, pantaloons, and Patna court pants, especially in the work environment.

Styling Trick: Papetes + socks

An alternative to using papete even on cold days is to combine the shoes with socks!

It can be colored paper and colored socks; it can be with a neutral sock, prints, or some trend of the season, such as neon and metallic fabrics.

The secret is to use this piece that we barely pay attention to, to look up. After you test it, you’ll never want to take it out again.

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