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Oversized Shirt to Wear with Leggings Tips



For those of you who like to wear leggings, you need to know what to wear with your leggings especially an oversized shirt to wear with leggings. You have to be careful to choose an oversized shirt to wear with leggings because it will define the style of your dress. Today, you will be explained about a couple of oversized shirts to wear with leggings that will inspire you to know how to wear the right oversized shirt to wear with leggings.

Deal with the sleeve

You need to consider what you plan to do with your shirt because the chances are perfect that you are going to have to deal with the sleeves. This is not a confused project that you have to handle, you just have to simply get going with your scissors and cut the arms until they resemble the style that you want to apply. You have to remember that, unless you like to achieve that unfinished look, you will probably have to add a basic hem to neaten things up.

Belted tunic

This is perfect for an oversized shirt to wear with leggings that are longer in the body and not too wide across your shoulder. If you would like to apply this kind of shape, you just have to simply add a narrow leather belt to determine the shirt at your waist and wear over a pair of footless leggings. If you want to apply this idea but your tee is too wide at the top, you have to do a little sewing research. After that, you will recognize that altering it to suit your body is not difficult at all.

Off the shoulder

All you have to do is break out the scissors and you have to be careful to cut your tee from the point of one shoulder to the point of the other shoulder. You have to take care to trim across the collar on both the back and the front. After you have done it, you will get a retro, eighties inspired shirt. You can use your belt to nip the waist and wear a nice strapless to your bra to maximize the bare-shouldered effect.

Cropped style

You have to put on the shirt and create a mark, and then take it off again and use a pair of scissors. You just have to make sure that you cut neatly and straight.

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