Overflowing Attraction of Vautrin Jewelry Collection.
Offering stunning and stylish jewelries with paper-light weight, Vautrin Jewelry is ready to be sold. The secret behind incredibly weight is the “Tout ou Rien”. It is a metal, basically a bronze, which is processed to keep the low gravity.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and other accessories are available to be select for you all who want to wear metal accessories more comfortably. The launching of the collections should be celebrated around the world since it is the real spread of the unique metal which is named “poetess of metal” by Vogue.  It is also marks the imposingness of Line Vautrin’s private work to the business sector.

Looking at the collection of Vautrin Jewelry, complex shapes and unique combination that is so much different with other collections are very well-presented. The jewelries look as if they are personally made to complete up the look of the people wearing it. It looks very dynamic, but also hides a glimpse of antiqueness. It can be put that the jewelries are the dialect which speak the uniqueness of Gaul. 

With these qualities, the collection of Vautrin will be so appealing for fashionista. Well, unique design, special metal and beautiful look are too hard to resist.

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Vautrin Jewelry was focused to capture and please Parisienne customers, who are very attracted to the design and the material of her collection. Now, as more people attracted to her work, her collection can be anticipated globally. It is interesting that these jewelries are made by a person who worked as a greeter in the boutique of Elsa Schiaparelli when she was young. She quitted from her job after a couple of days since she is born as a control-breaker.  Now and then, she presents unique works which adored by her fans.

It is known that Reed Krakoff, Marc Jacobs, Princess Caroline of Monaco and Peter Marino are the authorities of the brand, expressing their thankfulness for Vautrin go with the preference of Ingrid Bergmand and Brigitte Bardot. As mentioned before, the collections are very special and unique.

One of them is “Icarus”. It is a remarkable conveyance for white glove made of shining metal and fit perfectly for liberality. Vautrin declared  “A message in a minimum lines-that’s my discipline” for her effort in pulling out these special collection. If you are curious about the jewelries, scroll on their catalog to look at uniquely crafted jewelries collection of Vautrin Jewelry.