Last article we have talked about Japanese man’s fashion, so, for today let us move to female’s Japanese Fashions. Contrary with the boy’s side that was dominated by 90’s teenage style, the female’s side of japanese fashions was dominated by cute stuff.

Something that resemble’s dolls, school sailor’s uniforms, cartoons and other cute things is very popular in japanese girls fashions. Then what about the store? Is there any online cute Japanese Fashion Shop that allow people from outside Japan to buy them? Well, be prepare, because we have the whole list just for you.

Recommended Online Japanese Fashion Shops

Fashion Kawaii

Kawaii in Japan means ‘cute’, so you can see it from the name it self, it already represent the whole collections. Now, this websites of online Japanese Fashion Shop, not only provided you with cute shirts, skirts or one piece dreses, but it also sell several other cute accesories for your cute japanese fashions styles.

Accesories like boots, knee shocks, leggings or even kawaii bags also provided by this online Japanese Fashion Shop. They also even sell a cute furry cape for winter which is quite popular among Japanese girls, and even cute furry sneakers.

Cute Japanese Fashions

Still similar with the first one, another cute online Japanese Fashion Shop websites that you must visit is Cute Japanese Fashions. This online store, just like the first one, they also provided several cute dreses, short pants, skirts and even girls hoodie with special cartoons design such as Hello Kitty or My Neighbour Tottoro.

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But their most popular product that you must have is the knee shocks tight with cartoons design. This knee shocks is acctually part pantyhouse part knee shocks so they are colide to each other. But the upper shocks parts have a unique design such as cats, or rabbit or city buildings and such.

Asian iCandy

Move along to the third online Japanese Fashion Shop that is Asian iCandy. This website was dedicated specialy for cute japanese fashions, especially lolita, so, if you are into lolita fashions then you must visit this websites. They even have divided sections for the handmade lolita dresses.

However, lolita dreses wasn’t the only thing that they provided for you here. If you arent into lolita fashions, but you are more into cute casual stuff, this websites also provided it. They even have swimwear for you, not to mentions it’s a cute collections of swimwear too. So, why dont you give it a chance.