For those of you who will attend a cocktail party, it is better for you look at a couple of best one sleeve dress cocktail party so that you will be the center of the night. At this article, you will find a couple of beautiful and elegant one sleeve dress cocktail party that will probably become your inspiration or maybe a couple of great options that you have to consider before you go to cocktail party.

Grace Corey One Sleeve Dress Cocktail

This Corey one sleeve dress cocktail by grace features one-shoulder silhouette and a sheer mesh sleeve in order to get cool asymmetry. Besides that, you can also find ruching that will accent the bodice of the dress.

After the launch of their denim company which was called FRAME in the year of 2012, the famous designers Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede were influenced to create a brand which has been focused on Grace which offers a couple of dresses that can be worn by woman at night. The name has been taken from the elusive quality itself. Grace began with just the word and an impression of the woman who want to wear an elegant dress at night. It has a lot of timeless collection of gowns which set simple, shape and luxurious materials which are completed with a cool and downtown aesthetic which inspired by the evening atmosphere.

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Rachel Zoe One Sleeve Dress

This one sleeve dress cocktail by Rachel Zoe has asymmetrical folds which is located at the sheath skirt. This sleeve dress also features hidden side zip.

Rachel Zoe is well known for its luxury. They have an iconic style which is effortless, glamorous and vintage-inspired. Rachel Zoe is one of the biggest names in this industry. She is popularizing the vintage look which is influenced with 60s and 70s fashion. She has knowledge of couture and she has a desire to create unexpected red carpet moments which made her the elite stylist for the Hollywood mega stars. She was launched the Rachel Zoe Collection in the year of 2011 when she creates a collection of accessible yet elegant looks.

Zues & Dione Chalki One Sleeve Silk Mini Dress

The striped silk of Zeus and Dione is believed to be one of the best in world. This striped silk in crafted by hand and this one sleeve dress cocktail is loosely cut and feels weightless. This dress is perfect for those of you who want to stay cool in warmer seasons.