Talking about fashion style, it is not apart from the weather or the temperature condition. Remembering an old says that one advantage of human is able to manipulate the environment, almost all fashion designers nowadays design fashion style depending on the condition.

The newest information in Europe now is that some designers have released some designs as preparing for the Spring-Summer 2015. The color design tends to show dusty colors which bring calmness but still elegant. Inspired by a character of well-traveled book of British travel writer Bruce Chatwin, Burberry Prorsum has release menswear for the spring 2015. The design relies on the dusty colors and sun-beaten tones.

The fashion plate combines a hat, overcoat, and trousers in one single appearance. This combination can be completed by any kind of shoes like sneakers, slippers and brogues. Moreover, this combination can also be completed by traveler satchel or everyday uses hand-bag. The options of dusty color like faded green, antique red, indigo, washed yellow and aged russet. This choice of color clarifies the calmness under sun light along the spring. Moreover, those dusty colors show attractiveness in one single appearance. Then the fashion plate is designed by many kinds of natural materials like denim, linen, lightweight cotton, cashmere, paperweight cotton, and cotton velvet. These kinds of leather can suit to any condition of weather because this fabrication is weather based mode.

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Another newest fashion style is Patchy Cake Eater which means a ladies’ man with patches. This brand fashion is inspired by the woman who wears men’s clothes and applies it on the men’s fashion. This creativity is supported by high quality of materials which is put together with tailoring techniques. Drawing from classical elements and vintage design details, this fashion style is served in the form of casual twist on tailored clothes which represents American-style casual fashion. In short, this pursues aims to create high quality, casual-style pieces for the mature man based on the classic tailoring.

Another mode of men’s fashion style is putting all luxury tones into on single fashion. This idea is introduced by Christian Dior. This kind of fashion modifies urban navy suiting. The motif shows strange and dynamic details. The handwritten and hand drawn sensibility of broken and bold graphic lines, the collection of this fashion plate bring elegant tones. This fashion plate is also supported by a strong sense of colors like navy blue, bright yellow and vivid red combining with white, neutral grey and light denim contrastively.

In short, today’s designers tend to design fashion plates which adjust the weather condition. Moreover, the motif always represents luxurious and glamorous tones.

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