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Natural Make-Up Trend for Fall Season



Natural Make-Up Trend for Fall Season. This fall season, natural look is becoming a popular trend for daily make-up. This trend makes women do not bother to make up to get an alluring appearance.

You just need to apply foundation and powder to disguise blemishes. Then apply a little brightly colored lipstick, neutral eye shadow, and black mascara and eyebrows. Natural make-up highlights the authenticity of your face shape.

Recently, Channel also use this makeup trend in their latest show. Find out what you need to create your own natural make-up!

What you need to create your own natural make-up :

Clinique Advanced Concealer ($14.50)

This concealer is suitable for any kind of skin. It would give intense coverage, it also polish skin gorgeously. Blemishes, dark marks, and below-eye circles would be completely obscured.

Billon Dollar Brows 3 Steps to Beautiful Brows ($20)

Billon Dollar Brows is a make-up package that consists of a brow enhance, a universal brow pencil, and brow gel. Your eyebrow would be more shiny and glowing.

Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Wheat ($20)

Make your eyes more beautiful with this eye shadow. It is available in cream, brown, and  beige. This eye shadow is silky and easy-to-apply.

BareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara in Black ($24)

It is a pure mascara that’s paired with antioxidants and natural infusions include Jojoba, Meadowfoam Seed, also Shea Butter. Your eyelashes would look darker, longer, and rise with this mascara.

Philosophy The Supernatural Supergloss ($16.50)

Glossy nude lips are attractive. It’s the main idea of natural make-up. Philosophy The Supernatural Supergloss provides you a condition and SPF 15 to protect your lips. It also can beautifies your lips instantly.

Clinique Red Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder ($32.50)

It is a super powder that can decrease redness and hide broken capillaries on your face. So, your face will look more clean and shiny. You will get perfect natural image with this powder.

Using these make-up equipments, we are sure you can create your own natural look. You can find references about fall make-up on the internet or fashion magazines and make your new ideas. Do not hesitate to combine natural make-up with fall fashion trend.

All you need is confidence and stay on track. Do not use too many colors on both make-up and fashion. It can ruin your natural style and make it look messy. Be confident with the natural shape of your face. Then you will be successful to show the beauty of your natural make-up.

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1 Comment

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Fashion Ideas

Different Makeup Trends For 2020



Fashion trends are constantly changing, and in this modern age, you can expect them to change at any moment. In the same way, the makeup of the girls is also changed a lot over time. Due to this, a unique type of Makeup Boxes has been introduced. If you are curious to know the trends in 2020, we will help you. The following are some of the top trends that many females like in 2020. These are going to increase your curiosity.

Purple Eyeshades 

This style is becoming increasingly popular among females. Many of them are looking for bold and unique styles for the new era. So here we are with this design that can satisfy their desires. This one is easy to design in different ways. People can use the smoky type or the plain type of this design. That is making it one of the top ones on our list.

Multi-Tone Eyeliner

Many people like the smoky style, but this one is among the best on our list. You can easily use two colours of the eyeshade and the liner. Combining them gives an alluring look that is sharp and quite elegant. Moreover, applying mascara packaged inside special mascara boxes can enhance the overall presentation. That is why it is trending in 2020.

Negative Space Style 

Well, this one is quite interesting. Many people will be curious to know what negative space is. It is leaving a specific part or portion of the eyes unpainted. Most of the time, it is the lid. But you can be creative and choose your style as this one is highly trending in 2020. That is why it is on our list of top ones.

Neon Makeup Looks Elegant

This type of design has been popular for quite a time. It is still trending these days. Neon eyeshades packaged inside special makeup boxes can give an adorable look and enhance the aesthetics as well. Yet, it is also a good idea to stand out among the crowd by applying it to some parts of the eye. That will make you stand out among others who are covering the entire part.

Animal Printed Eyebrows Are Catchy

This one is among the bests because it provides amazing overall looks to the person. Whether or not you are an animal enthusiast, you cannot deny that this style looks amazing. It is quite difficult to make, but when done with care and creativity, it can give amazing looks. It is among the best styles of the year. That is why it is here in the list of top trending ones.

Messy Eyebrows Give A Unique Look

If you are seeking something bold and cool, this is the one. Because this design of the eyebrows gives a messy look. But the overall aesthetics are so amazing that no one can ignore them. Here the brows are randomly messed without any proper direction. And when fluttery mascara packaged inside Mascara Boxes is applied on the eyes, make a great combo. That is why it is trending these days.

Pink Lips Are Adorable

Pink is among the most favourite colours of the females. But many of them prefer red colour just to be bold. 2020 is not the year to suppress your inner feeling and be what others will like. That is why many people are using pink colour lipsticks. As a lot of females are using different shades of pink to express their inner feelings, this has become a trend now.

Subtle Lip Stain Style

Many females like to use bold colours on their lips. But that is not necessary for this modern age at all. That is a good style, but this one is astonishing. Barely a stain is the new big thing in the lipstick styles these days. It gives a faded look, so many people love this style. That is a big reason why it is trending these days.

Sales of makeup boxes are high because many people are using the beauty items these days. Especially the mascara boxes are high in demand. But people mostly still do not know what type of makeups are trending in 2020. These trends are some of the top ones. You can choose any of them that will give you an amazing look.




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Fashion Ideas

How to Mix and Match for an Innovative Look for the New Year



Mix and Match for an Innovative Look for the New Year.
Following trends in fashion makes you look fresh and stylist. However, following the trend of color that change every year can be too much for your expenditure. What you can do to freshen up the collection yet trim the budget is the classic trick of mix and match, especially in accessories usage.

When you think that hair styles need to be adjusted annually for the reason of treatment and style, you have it right! Ending this year with a thought of what cut will suit you in the following year, is worth doing. If your hair is short, you might want to consider different layer of cuts or hair colors, or even to lengthen your hair for a more feminine look. If your hair is mid-length to long, play with styles, highlight colors or hairdo.

Your hair is the center of the whole mix and match techniques. Your accessories will have to suit your hair color and complexion feature. Their function is to give more brightness to overall look.

Hence, too much of them will not make you look nice. Earrings, necklace and bracelet are safe options, although you need to consider the colors, gems included in the jewel and effects that they bring, i.e. warm or cold.

Hair bands for mid-length or long hair style can be a help in casual occasions, but for more elegant look, hairpins is advisable. Being in harmony with other elements of your look, mixing colors do not mean too colorful neither do all in one color. Match the colors with the same elements. Wearing a hand bag can also be a strategy to make the effects of mix and match more appealing.

Not all women like carrying a hand bag, but when you need to attend semi-formal or formal invitations, of course you cannot bring your suitcase with you, it will ruin the whole theme of your fashion. It is also not recommended to collect bags with all variations of sizes and colors, except if you are a fashion practitioner with sufficient budget in hands. Collecting mid size hand bag can be a win-win solution. Make sure to choose natural colors that will make them easy to match with your dress and shoes.

For more feminine touch, a match of softly trimmed hair styles with natural colors, soft dress and elegant pieces of jewelries will make you shine. For more casual look, loose hair with curls, pastel-colored clothing and simple shoes with minimum accessories will just make you comfortable and easy.

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