You must have seen the mule shoes strutting around, right? By leaving part of the foot on display, the mules work very well in the heat, bringing an air stripped while maintaining elegance. The flat mule is nothing more than the non-heeled version of the mule. And what is the mule? It is that type of footwear that does not hold the back foot, like a slipper. Comfort she has to spare and she also has many doubts about how to use it.

Therefore, we have separated some perfect combinations so that you can choose your mule without fear of being happy.

The versatility of the mule shoes

With shorts, a skirt, a dress, pants, the mule shoes simply match everything. It is not an exaggeration! This is one of the most versatile shoes ever designed for the female audience. To help you, we have created a selection of inspirations to compose your look and you will no longer have any doubts about how to wear your shoes.

Mule with skirt

In this case, in order not to be coarse, prefer the more delicate models with a pointed tip. They help to give that elongated silhouette and leg feeling.

For a more romantic look, a midi skirt and mule shoes with heels are perfect! For something more stripped down and modern, the short skirt with the mule without heels can be a good option.

Mule with Shorts

This is perhaps the most stripped-down and relaxed combination! Perfect to use during the day, especially on the hottest days. For more modern looks, use and abuse of accessories, and cropped blouses.

The printed models look great with denim shorts, leaving the piece a little less informal. The smooth versions combined with tailoring shorts go well even for less formal work environments.

Mule with dress

To match dresses, prefer the models that are looser and also marked at the waist. Almost all dress models match this shoe but avoid the tightest dresses because it flattens the silhouette. The mules, especially the versions with heels or with a pointed beak, make the dress looks even more feminine.

The “heavier” versions, like the moccasin mule, also look great with dresses, bringing a modern look and balancing the super feminine piece.

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