Moss agate gemstone is actually a wrongly assigned name. The moss-green inclusions are justified in the name, but the addition of agate is incorrect, as moss agate jewelry is a member of the chalcedony family and does not belong to the agate group.

Other names for the moss agate are no longer in use. Occasionally you can still hear the old names for moss agate: Indian agate, manganese moss agate (pink moss agate), moss chalcedony, moss jasper, and medfordite.

Zodiac, horoscope, zodiac signs

Moss agate gemstone is assigned to the zodiac sign Taurus (April 21 – May 20). The assignment of gemstones to signs of the zodiac in horoscopes always causes confusion, as some gemstones are assigned to a certain sign of the zodiac in one horoscope, but are not assigned to the corresponding sign of the zodiac is another horoscope. The reason is simple. The assignment of individual gemstones to constellations is very old teaching and at that time (thousands of years ago) mankind did not yet have today’s trading opportunities. Which meant that regionally different assignments were made to the constellations.

Planets, planet stone

Moss agate is not assigned to any planet as a planet stone. The assignment of stones to certain planets and constellations has its origin in the Indian horoscope, which tried to assign gemstones to certain planets and constellations from an early age. The origin of the “cultivated” planetary stones almost always comes from the Jyotish (Indian horoscope). The interpretation of the planetary stones is on the one hand thousands of years old and yet very little widespread in the western world. It is therefore difficult to find reliable sources.

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A healing stone, stone lore, healing stone lore

So-called moss agate healing stones are often used in stone science. In principle, it does not matter what shape the healing stone has. It does not matter whether it is the raw moss agate mineral or a moss agate tumbled stone. Skin contact and the pleasant feeling are decisive. Since a raw moss agate mineral usually has sharp edges, it can only be used to a limited extent for stone science and stone healing. For most applications as a healing stone, the moss agate tumbled stone is ideal, as the moss agate tumbled stone has a pleasant surface. The next big advantage of the moss agate tumbled stone as a healing stone is its price. Since the moss agate tumbled stone requires very little personal effort in production, it is the ideal healing stone in stone science.

Effect and application on a spiritual, spiritual, and mental level

The effect of moss agate jewelry on a mental level is primarily due to its structure. Moss agate is still considered a stone for people who are close to nature. It should help to resolve mental dependencies, to order trains of thought, and to set priorities, and it should also help to remain receptive to new things. When using it, it should be noted that the moss agate can only develop its full potential if there is visual contact with the moss agate.

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