Men’s tips on how to dress better. Whether looking inside your wardrobe or looking for new pieces to keep your style updated, tips on how to dress well are very useful. Primarily because dressing well helps to make a good first impression - something indispensable for any situation.

Some men still have the impression that dressing well is wearing expensive clothes or even pieces in which they feel uncomfortable. Bullshit! To dress well is to be happy, to feel good and pleasant with what you are wearing.

Thinking about it, we have separated in this post tips for men on how to dress well, without giving up comfort and your personality. Check out!

1 - Bet on the white shirt!

If before it was used only for informal looks, today the social shirt moves through different styles and occasions. White is right for those who want to start using this piece daily.

It matches any type of blazer, pants, shorts, or shoes. So, there’s no excuse for not having one!

2 - Use colors to your advantage

Colors are just as important as the trendy fit. A rule of thumb is to never split your look in half. Avoid, for example, wearing belts that stand out from the rest of the set, if you wear your shirt inside your pants.

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If your shirt is light blue, with dark blue pants, don’t wear a caramel belt. This will draw the eyes of others to your waist, and give the impression that you have been split in half.

In this case, the ideal is to opt for a darker belt - brown or black - that comes close to the blue tone of the pants, without contrasting too much. But remember: your belt should always match the color of your shoe.

3 - Dress according to the occasion

There is a type of clothing suitable for every occasion (park, work, shopping). Therefore, choose your clothes wisely, especially for work, because, believe me, your clothes directly influence your professional performance.

4 - Take a chance on the accessories

Especially for those men who want to know how to dress well and follow a basic style, accessories are indispensable to give personality to the look.

Wear sunglasses suited to your face shape, risk buying a hat, and feel free to join watches and bracelets according to your taste.

5 - Beard, Hair, and Mustache

Never adopt a haircut that has nothing to do with you. A “trendy” cut may look good on the other, but not with your face type, for example.

Another thing to pay attention to is the beard. Leave it the way you prefer but take care of it, that is, apply lotion, conditioner, and whatever it takes to make it look beautiful and not look sloppy.

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