Having dark skin is not an obstacle to not be fashionable with your every day appearance to attract other people. Even you can do better than those who have fair skin, as dark-skinned men often look more masculine and handsome.

Dark-skinned men do not have colors that clash with their skin, for they make the better look with the dark skin they have. But in case you need to upgrade your fashion look, you may try some of the tips provided below, so you will be more fashionable with your loving dark skin.

Wearing Pure White is Disaster

As a dark-skinned man, you should not wear outfit in pure white, for the whiteness will look pretty contrast with the dark back ground of your skin. This becomes a general unwritten rule among men with dark skin that we cannot wear shirts in pure white. Besides, you can pick other colors, like crème, light pink or alabaster shirt.

Black Socks Works Well on You

Try to put on your favorite black socks as one of your footwear inside of your shoes. You must wear black socks if you belong to dark-skinned man to make you look much more stylish. Socks in light colors and brown will clash with your dark skin, and make you look so strange with the style. Black socks cover up your feet as well inside of your favorite sneakers.

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Experiment with Bright Colors

Your dark skin can be a very good background for shirts in bright colors. We often see fair-skinned men look good in bright colors shirt without knowing that they work better on us since we haven’t ever tried them.

Try to do experiment with bright colors as your outfit to make a new appearance and show up to the world you can be as stunning as fair-skinned men with bright colors outfit. Pick your favorite bright shirts when you are shopping in the store and wear them to improve your look.

Shirts in Warm Colors

Besides trying to wear shirts in bright colors, you should try them in warm colors. Orange, red, and yellow will all look really sexy on your dark skin. According to the rule, the darker your skin is, the brighter the shirts that are wearable for you. As we have mentioned previously, pink will work pretty well on your dark skin.

Wear the Appropriate Watches

We think that wearing a watch is a must for a man to support the fashion perfectly. For dark-skinned men, it is better to choose silver, light gold or platinum banded watches to make you look more fashionable. Watches with leather band will not work as well as light metal watches on you. Try to get your favorite watches with metal band and avoid the leather ones.

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Sunnies to Make It Perfect

Avoid black sunnies that will blend with your dark-skinned face, instead try to wear reflective or colored ones. Reflective sunglasses accentuate your facial features and make your appearance more perfect by complementing your dark skin.