The mens Floral Shirt is the darling of their fashion. For hot and happy summer days this pattern becomes a sure bet! But, many people still have the feeling that to wear a floral shirt you need to compose colorful looks or even on Carnival days. The floral leaves the look light, relaxed and brings a street style message leaving any modern composition.

How about getting inspired with some looks that we selected and start using more floral in your day-to-day? Follow us!

How did the male floral print come about?

This type of print began to be used a long time ago, back in the 1859s fashion, but they were restricted to shirts until the 70s fashion, when they were added to other pieces, such as shorts, shoes, scarves, and others. From then on, its popularization became more intense. Mainly because of the rise of the Hippie movement in the United States.

However, in the late 1970s and early 1980s. This trend fell out of favor and became a feature of the fashion niche. Years later, at the end of 2015, the fashion market, stimulated by the retro fever Decided not only to rescue it but to popularize it at once.

Long Sleeve Shirts

The long-sleeved Mens Floral Shirt can be used for both day-to-day and formal occasions. In weddings and more formal events, choose models that fit your body well, but that is not too tight and tight. Prefer plain types and more sober colors.

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An indication for using the long sleeve is to fold the sleeves and leave the collar open to give a different touch to the look. It is interesting to associate this type with pants of different models, always avoiding shorts, ok?

Short-sleeved shirt

With the men’s short-sleeved floral shirt, you can use and abuse the accessories! Unlike the long sleeve shirt, here you can wear shorts and on warmer days the floral shirt. It can be combined with other pieces of the same print, such as a slim tie and sneakers.

If you are more basic, opt for a floral shirt with smaller prints and tones similar to the color of the background of the shirt. It is a casual and basic look, without losing the touch of style.

Another idea is to combine your floral shirt with a denim jacket, remembering that all jeans look is still on the rise! Another suggestion here is not to use two different prints on different pieces. There are ways to mix prints in a cool and stylish way, but if you don’t have a lot of fashion sense, you better not take any chances.