Making Hair Scrunchies Out of Sweatpants elastics – You know what, a lot of people throw off their clothes to the bin when they are no longer attractive. Don’t you feel bad for them? I mean, you can just make something out of this stuff that you will wear again.

If you have Sweatpants, we advise you to not toss them out. Upcycle and make something valuable, like hair ties. This is so practical and you don’t have to buy these accessories to the store when you need them. This is a money saving idea. Besides, these items look so cute and you can wear them anywhere you go.

We will tell you some tips on how to turn the old pieces into hair scrunchies. To make scrunchies, you must release the elastics from the sweatpants. Many people don’t feel comfortable with these things that they so prefer to cut them off. Well, the manufacturers don’t add them for no reason. They must have a purpose to attach there. Actually, the elastics are not the only part of sweatpants that you can upcycle. You can turn the legs into hats by sewing. Don’t think it’s slouchy or inappropriate. It’s not like you use underwear to make a hat.

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Another simple way to recycle sweatpants is to cut them short and wear them as shorts. Back to the topic, we would like to point out that not all sweatpants have elastics attached to them. Instead of elastics, some of them come with a hem. The latter would not work as a hair tie because it lacks flexibility. Make sure you cut across the length. After cutting off the elastics, your next task is to stretch them out. Never skip this process. If you insist on doing that, you probably will find a cloth bunching on the elastic. This step also allows you to create an even cut.

Hair Scrunchies 2
Hair Scrunchies 3
Hair Scrunchies 4
Hair Scrunchies 5
Hair Scrunchies 6

At the end, you will have the ties. Since they are made of a flexible and strong material, you can wear these hair pieces for so long. Most importantly, all these items can be obtained for free. You do not need to buy anything. Just prepare a pair of scissors and use it to detach the elastics from the sweatpants. Now you can go out and show off your creation to friends. They may be interested in making those ties after seeing you looking good with them. These items are more suited for casual use. If you want hair ties with glamorous patterns, they may not be the right option for you. That’s how to make hair scrunchies out of sweatpants elastics.

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