When it comes to trend, Korea has made itself to be a country that proliferate many cool trends including the 2015 Korean beauty trends. The interesting part is that this trend is not merely invading Korea itself but also invading many countries, Asian especially.  This is why Korea has been a benchmark in the nowadays trend with all the hairstyle, accessories, make up, and many other trends in which the Korean has successfully brought it to the surface.

Well, it is not because of only luck which is causing the 2015 Korean trends to be a worldwide phenomenon whereas it is also supported with the cement quality that this trend offers us. Just take a look at the Korean makeup where it has successfully turned a not attractive face into a super attractive face in no time. Therefore in here, we are going to give you some reviews about 2015 Korean beauty trends.

Korean Beauty Trends 2015

Korean Vibrant Lips

The first trend in 2015 Korean beauty trends is the vibrant lips. Yes, this kind of makeup on the lips is very popular amongst the celebrities in Korea. Vibrant lips basically make our lips to look bright which is accompanied by an array of pinks. The color of this lips is also varied where it can be champagne, pink, or Persian rose which depends on our own taste.

Korean Vibrant Lips Beauty Trend

Korean Brows

The next trend that is also classified as 2015 Korean beauty trends is the Korean brows. Korean brows actually is the other name of bold brows which also has been widely used with many Korean celebrities. One of many differences of this Korean brows than other common brows is the straight and bold shape of the brows. It will surely make us look more elegant and attractive while using this kind of brows.

Bold and straight Korean Brows

Korean Skin

The next trend of the 2015 Korean beauty trends is a Korean skin. This is actually a kind of skin that is extremely popular in Korea. This kind of skin usually possess two criterion which are light and watery. Some people may also know it with the name of radiant dewy skin. It is basically allows our skin to glow. Korean skin also is trying to attach smoothness and softness as the main advantages that we can get by getting this kind of skin.

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There are actually some easy ways to get Korean skin which is for example by masking with egg whites for about 20 minutes or if we have extra money we can get all the creams to make the process to get this skin faster which is actually make this trend worth to be categorized as 2015 Korean beauty trends.