Looks For Work.  One of the most recurring questions in every day of every fashionista is about the ideal work looks. That’s because combining beauty and comfort is really a challenge, especially when we need to spend practically an entire day with the same look.

Therefore, our team has created a small guide that can help you in your mission to create wonderful and more practical productions. Like the idea? Check it out below!

Tips on how to create looks for work

Before we go on to the basic steps, let’s go through a pre-tip. In other words, a bonus for your production moment.

For everything to be simpler, try to invest in wildcard products - those considered timeless and versatile. This will give you several possibilities at your fingertips to create without feeling limited daily.

After this little bit of what’s coming, let’s go to the most direct tricks!

1. Analyze your job environment

To choose looks for work, it is best to start by analyzing your job. Each location has a dress code that, although it is often not formalized, exists.

See how people dress, what kind of visitors and customers they receive, and, based on that information, plan your look.

For example: if you work in a fashion or advertising agency, the outfit may be more relaxed. A law firm, on the other hand, asks for formal pieces, such as blazers and tailoring in general.

2. Recognize your style

Analyze your personal style and value it. Of course, you need to adapt to the environment, but be sure to show your personality in the clothes you wear.

Evaluate the pieces you have and what you like best and try to align with the visual proposal of your job, if you invest some time in this study, you will certainly be able to compose beautiful looks for work!

3. Search for references

If you still have doubts, a good tip is to search on social networks, on the Passarela blog, or news portals about celebrities. This way, you will know what’s hot, like the floral shirt, for example!

4. Keep an eye on the agenda

This tip is one of the most important for your day-to-day. Before leaving home, check your digital calendar to see if you have any special meetings or events on this date. That way, you’ll know if you need to compose a more elaborate look.

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