Being unique can be shown by a lot of things. It can be shown by choosing unique hobby, or by listening underrated music, but it can mostly show by your unique fashion sense. Having a unique fashion sense doesn’t have to be following today’s fashion trends or creating a weird fashion.

You can have a unique fashion sense by using something that has been forgotten, for example trend from the past. Lately the 50’s fashion has startedmaking a comeback, but what about the other trends? The 80’s for example. 80s fashion woman’s style is truly a unique trend. Why don’t you try to bring it back?

80’s Rock Style for Women

During the great 80’s Rock is the most popular style! And let’s face it, they will make a great style to be worn for some occasions such as rock music festival or parties! To achieve this type of 80s fashion women first what you need is to get a tutu skirt, it’s not too hard to find them today since it’s beginning to make a comeback again. Now, combine this tutu skirt with a worn outlook T-shirt or a tank top to give it a more casual look. Some tips for this look is that even if you want to wear it all black to emphasize the ‘Rock’ look, give some girly touch with either gives it some feminine colors like pink or add some ribbon on your outfit.

80’s Rock Style for women

If you think it’s done, you are wrong, now for the bottom parts, wear a legging. You can wear legging with blink accent or worn out accent for more rocker look. Use high heel for shoes if you want to look feminine, but boots are also appropriate. Also, don’t forget the supper perm hairstyle, you can either perm your hair or get a wig with bright colors.

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80’s Women Fashion – Sportswear / Dancewear

Another popular 80s fashion woman is the sportswear. In the 80’s the most popular sportswear for woman is the one that made from shiny fabric and it also usually comes with a bright stand out colors. The top usually looks like one piece swimming suit, whereas the bottom usually completed with a bright legging.

The best part is that you don’t even have to match the colors neither the patterns, the stand out it is the better it will be. Also, don’t forget to wear leg warmer above tour kids shoes to complete this look. However, this look is probably too much if you want to wear them for jogging, so it’s probably better for a costume party.