80’s sure is a unique time, where there is still no smartphone yet and you actually had to talk to each other during a party. 80’s sure had left us long ago, but we definitely can’t forget about a lot of things from the 80’s for example the fashions.

Yes, some people said that you can actually use whatever you want during this era and no one will call that a mistake. So, several days ago we have been talking about Woman’s Fashion from the 80s and today we will talk about Man’s Fashion from the 80s. Not just a usual fashion, but how to look fancy during that era.

Preppie Style, Man Style from the 80s

The Preppie look is probably one of the most noticeable styles for Fashion From The 80s. The Preppie look is usually referring to boys who goes to prep school before going to college, that’s where this style get its name. The Preppie look usually wore by boys who are different from the crown means that they are people who actually care about their future and want to success.

To get the Preppie look what you need to do is first get your tops, you can choose to use button shirt, or polo shirt. It doesn’t always have to be white, but don’t use too bright colors you don’t want to stand out, pastel colors are a great choice. If you are choosing a button shirt, a tie to accompany your look is appropriate. Then get a male cardigan and tie the sleeves loosely around your neck. For the bottom fabric trousers are a great choice, and don’t forget to complete the look with neatly cut hair.

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Rocker Style for Man, 1980s Fashion Style

Another popular Fashion From The 80s is the Rocker style that’s because music, rock is really on top during that era that is why a lot of people dress like rocker. Skinny Jeans! That’s what your needs for this look. Skinny jeans with worn out look works the best for this look, or if you want, you can use skinny leather pants to look more badass.

From the top you can wear no sleeve shirts complete with denim jacket either with slave or not, you can also wear leather moto jacket if you want! To complete this look you just can’t forget about the long hair and male bandana! Also, if you want to look more like a rock star don’t forget to wear some make up, but this is optional.