Look Stylish with Flip Hairstyle. Individual’s hairstyle basically mastered face headlines in making the initial introduction, and hairstyle for men have to make an initial impression of stylish and strong. That’s according to the study, “First Impressions and Impressions Hair,” led by Dr Marianne La France, teacher of brain research and ladies’ and sexual orientation examines at Yale University.

Men’s flip hairstyle for short hair is now in vogue. This style has been used by preferences of Brad Pitt and Matt LeBlanc. Flip hairstyle made with calculated finishing trim between the jaw and ears. It is preferred to keep away from longer flips as they are more challenging to keep up and are exceptionally inclined to hanging, which drags the front side down.

A long time ago, the flip hairstyle looks very neat even with the hair sticking out resembling a roll of curls. But today flip-style looks more relaxed because the part that was sticking out now visible lighter and straight.

Besides suitable as male hairstyling, the flip hairstyle is also attracted to women. Flip hairstyle for women is particularly popular in the ’60s. In those days, it was still difficult to get a flip hairstyle because you have to roll hair with rollers in many hours. But in this decade, you simply use a straight clamp for a few minutes. Interested to try it? Just do the following steps.

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As the first step, blow your hair using straightening serum and blow-round use comb. After blow straight on, but preferably before clamped, cover your hair with a straightening serum. Clip the clamp made of ceramic on the hair and the ends of your hair, clamp outwards or upwards so that the ends of hair sticking out.

Next, spray hairspray and repeat once again with clamp outwards. Trim the hair with combing the ends of the hair with your fingers, so that the tips of the sticking-out hair does not look too neat and rigid. Last, squirt a little hairspray on your hair.

If you want a modern look, let the top of the hair without volume. Flip style with the top of fluffy hair lifted upwards will make you look old-fashioned, just like the style of the 60’s era. For those of you who have curly hair, blow hair at the top, and clamp righteous straight as much as twice so that the volume is very minimal. Are you interested to try this flip hairstyle? Just follow the above steps to look more beautiful and fascinating.