Look Glamorous With White Smokey Eye. Eyes make-up which is in vogue is turquoise eye shadow and smokey eye. Smokey eyes have been a force to steal a lot of attention. From celebrities to young women, all of them love smokey eyes.

The key to make an ideal white smokey eye is proper blending and selecting the right shadows for these cosmetic.  You need to verify colors are mixed as one without blemish. In addition, it is important to match the light base shades with rich gloom colors. The white smokey eye shadow cosmetics is regularly working with soft lips, according to the characteristics of color in shades of peach, caramel, or barely there pink.

Smokey eyes can show the other side of you: sexy or bold. Therefore, this makeup should not be used when you working on the office. Just use it when you attend the party. Please notice some makeup tricks to make it looks well-blended with the eyes and eyelashes. Also, take a note on how to create different smoky eyes makeup, as seen worn by many celebrities in Hollywood. Here is how to get a glamorous look with the white smokey eye:

Hilary Duff’s Tips Smokey Eye

  1. Circle your eyes with black liquid eyeliner, by applying thicker on the lower eyelid.
  2. Provide shade brownish gray color, and brush all over the upper eyelid to the pleats, to blend into the brow bone on the inner corner of your eyes as well as the outside.
  3. Finish by sweeping a dark gray shadow above the eye line to soften the contrast between the black and the brown.
  4. Apply pale lipstick (nude) to provide a focus on eye makeup.
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Nicole Richie’s Tips Smokey Eye

Nicole added a little accent on her usual black liner and eye shadow, with a little beige plus a little tinge of apricot color (yellowish orange) are spread over the brow bone. Then, the inner corner of her eye (which is adjacent to the nose) is given white and shiny shades.

Kate Hudson’s Tips Smokey Eye

Shades of soft silver makes her makeup can be used in formal and more casual occasion. Kate’s secret is keeping the appearance of smokey black eyeliner to circle around it with shiny dark gray shades. Then there is a soft shade of blue silver around the corner of the eye, to make the eyes look wider and friendly. Kate did not even add shade to the brow bone. The result is a simple and neat smokey eye.