Super feminine, the long dress is, without a doubt, one of the most loved pieces of clothing by women. The diversity of models is incredible, being able to please from the most casual to the most elegant and adapting to the most varied types of events.

And do you know what they said about shorter women not being able to wear a long dress? This is bullshit. This item is totally democratic and looks good on all bodies. Discover his versatility!

Casual long dress

Practical and charming, the long casual dress can be used in moments of relaxation, such as meetings with friends and family. It can also be adapted to the work environment, depending on the complete look.

If you choose a model without a print, you can invest in accessories, such as a longer or heavier necklace, with more details. However, if you prefer, it can be a beautiful female belt too.

If you choose a printed option, it is best to select simpler accessories. If you want to dare, opt for a more differentiated shoe you like high shoes. We recommend the Anabela sandals you like most Brasileirinhas, you can bet the espadrille, which is a trend that is here to stay.

The more daring and more stripped-down women may still decide to put together a look with sneakers. This combination, which has already been widely criticized, is now very well accepted and has even become something common to see on the streets.

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How to wear a long dress at night?

The long dres’ talks very well with evening events. It adds more elegance and formality to your look. The first tip is to choose darker, brighter shades, it can also contain ruffles and lace. If you like a more romantic style how about betting on the floral dress? And if you are more adept at sensual style, you play in the necklines and especially in the slits.

The animal print is also a trend, as well as the striped ones. Which is a good option for those who want to lengthen the silhouette. Long dresses with long sleeves are pure elegance and are super hot, and can be used at parties or casual events.

The long dress is perfect for weddings of different styles

The long dress is usually the choice of a guest at a more formal event. For this reason, gala balls and night weddings, for example, ask for a long model in noble fabric with details and accessories. A look for a wedding on the beach, on the other hand, finds the ideal piece more fluidly. For occasions on the beach, in the countryside, or in the city, it is worth adopting noble and light fabrics. Such as silk and satin, which are strong trends of summer 2021. Here, you can bet on the colors and prints of your preference, since the idea is to mix fluidity and exuberance with simplicity, all in the same look!

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Find the ideal long dress for you at Catwalk

The long dresses casual leave a more feminine look and can be used up to work. On a more informal occasion, it is beautiful to wear a model printed with sneakers. Feminine, stylish, light, and current, it’s easy to find a model on the Catwalk that suits you!