Female Cardigan. No matter the season, a cardigan is always welcome! Because it doesn’t get too hot, it is a very democratic piece, revealing itself to be a wildcard in the female wardrobe. Whoever loves to follow the trends of the fashion universe needs to know how to use this item and get out of the obvious with great beauty.

We’ll tell you some matching tricks, check it out!

Female Cardigan and its endless possibilities

The cardigan is one of the most beloved fashionistas, as it can be used on several occasions. No wearing it just for the common day-to-day appointments! You will be amazed at the possibilities of this piece!

Looks for the day

Carrying out daytime activities, however simple they may be – like going to college and work, for example – requires a look inside the trends and that is your face!

Having a cardigan to finish off the composition is a trick that values ​​all types of production with great elegance and delicacy. T-shirtjeans, and sneakers + cardigan = casual style. Dress and sneaker + cardigan = basic romantic style. Just like these equations, others can have a positive result with the use of this wildcard item!

Looks for the night

Combinations to rock at night events call for some more elaborate clothing. For example: if the cardigan is more basic, opt for a shiny garment or the use of a high heel.

The opposite is also true! You can choose to wear a simpler outfit and a cardigan with more eye-catching details.

Versatile looks with the length of the jackets

Short or long? The tip for choosing between these two possibilities is simple. The short one, in most cases, is more casual. The cardigan maxi, in turn, is considered more formal and sophisticated.

However, everything will depend on the other pieces chosen to generate the composition. The idea is to play with the symmetries and dare with creativity! 

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