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Les Bains and Wolubilis, outdoor leisure: What to see in Brussels



Les Bains: north of the City

It is a simulation of what they have in Paris, on the edge of the Seine. In this case, Les Bains is the “ beach” of Brussels. You will be able to find along the docks of Brussels a succession of food and drink stalls from different parts of the world, multiple performances, sessions with DJs from 3:00 p.m., a children’s park, a beach volleyball field, a tent with PlayStation controls mini spaces that simulate the way beach to sunbathe, and take a boat to go through the city’s canals (duration approximately 1 hour, don’t expect a route that is aesthetically similar to that of Paris or Amsterdam, but it is always interesting to know the history of the city through its river life).

The entrance to the complex is free and hours vary depending on the day of the week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday is open from 11:00 to 22:00, Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 23:00; and Monday closes). To have a reference price of what the chiringuitos cost: the drink (for example, € 5 for mojitos, € 2 for a beer or € 1 for a bottle of water) and food (for example, a typical Peruvian dish € 15 with a drink ).

It will be open until August 11, take the opportunity to stop by if you are in the city, at night it concentrates a lot of life with people of different nationalities. You can get there by public transport, the closest metro stops are <Ribaucourt> or <Yser>, in both cases, you have to cross the Bld Leopold II bridge.

Volubilis: scene of plastic arts, reading, and music

At Cours Paul-Henri Spaak 1 (1200 volume-Saint-Lambert), you can get there by public transport, the closest metro station is <Roodebeek>. It is a space dedicated to the performing arts (concerts, plays, exhibitions, and conferences), with activities throughout the year. The most attractive part now in summer is the Cook & Book concept.

Cook & Book

In the same complex, there is a succession of themed restaurant-bookstores distributed in two thematic blocks and with a very careful decoration (one of the most spectacular in Roman, with more than 800 books suspended from the ceiling) and linked together, before or after eating you can spend some time reading and/or buying books (for both adults and children) that are in various languages. Any of these restaurant-bookstores invites you to spend a good time since the atmosphere is very pleasant, now in summer, they all have outdoor terraces.

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