Leather bag. When it comes to putting together the look, many people pay more attention to the combination of clothes and forget the importance of accessories. This is the case with handbags, which besides being extremely useful, are indispensable to finish off the look.

And when we talk about it, it is impossible not to mention the traditional leather bags. Super resistant and available in several styles, these models are a real wildcard in our wardrobes. But after all, how to choose the perfect piece for each moment, be it formal or informal?

If you also have this question, we came here to help! Follow our post and check out precious tips on how to choose the ideal bag!

Choose the piece that fits your style

How many times have you not seen a beautiful bag in the window, but practice, it had nothing to do with your style? The big secret for those who want to find the ideal leather bag is to pay attention to their preferences.

An interesting point is not only to pay attention to the way of dressing but to consider mainly your routine. After all, there’s no point in buying an amazing piece if you can’t go with it to work or college, right?

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So, to avoid mistakes or regrets, try to align your design tastes with your day-to-day activities. For being a very timeless material and with very high durability. Leather is an excellent choice for several occasions and can be used in winter or summer.

And do you know which is the best of all? You can find the accessory in different shades. The bag colors that are booming this season are:

Black leather bag

Just like clothes, black goes with almost everything! Because it is a more neutral and discreet color, you will have the possibility to dare more in the combination of clothing, allowing your look to be creative and original.

The black leather bag can follow a more classic model, such as handbags, or urban and modern, which is the case with a cross-section.

White leather bag

One of the big trends of the past few seasons is off-white. Retrieved directly from the 1990s, this leather bag tone is with everything and, in addition, it combines very well with several productions.

This accessory model can be used not only on sunny days but even during winter. Have you ever imagined composing a Godinho all-black look and finishing it off with a white bag? A hit!

It is still possible to invest in other combinations that work very well: with jeans, with earthy tones, with gray and metallic elements. Experience a thousand possibilities!. It is a great option, both for the most sophisticated events, as for casual ones. There’s no mistake!

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Brown leather bag

After the black bag, the brown bag is one of the most versatile to match any look. Discreet and very charming, this option is always inside the combinations of fashionistas.

For an office look, for example, the brown or caramel accessory goes very well with jeans, a dress shirt, and even a blazer. In fact, the tone is a trend and you can take the opportunity to combine it with other shades that are on the rise, such as the various nude variations.