Looking for fashions inspirations and tips can come from a lot of sources. You can find it from movies, magazines and even online websites! One of the most famous online websites where you can get some inspirations for your fashion style also getting several useful tips and tricks about it at the same time is Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad Fashion was born from one of Mtv’s biggest stars, Lauren Conrad. She was born in Laguna Beach, California. She actually has started her own fashion brand The Lauren Conrad Band and this brand is continue to grow even bigger in 2007.

Today we will line up several useful tips from Lauren Conrad Fashion.

How Make Your Leg Longer?

This problem probably often occurs for those whose height bellows 6 feet tall. Yes, short people often facing this problem, especially when they wear several types of clothes such as dresses. So, Lauren Conrad Fashion gives you some useful tips to overcome this problem. First, is probably quite obvious, but using high heel really does help make your feet look longer.

The higher the heels the better, but you don’t have to force yourself, 6 inches have been often enough to make you appear taller. Other than that, using a high waisted pants or jeans also helps to give illusions of longer legs as well.

How to Wear Crop Top

Wearing crop top may cause some trouble for some people, but Lauren Conrad Fashion gives you some useful tips on using it. To use a crop top you’ll need to watch out for the proportions with the other fashion items you are using. For example, you can combine it with high waisted skirt or high rise trousers. But wearing a low cut jeans is a big NO, unless you want to look 90’s.

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Another fashion item that you can combine with crop top is pencils! Pencils jeans or pencil skirt will make a great pair with crop top since it’s also help showing your great figure.

Two Ways of Using One Dress

Who said that dresses aren’t made for winter or false? Well, Lauren Conrad Fashion proves it wrong! Get that pretty spring dress and combine it with this item. 

First, you’ll need to remember that no matter how stylish you want to be, still make sure yourself warm enough. Now, grab your fall blazers and your favorite scarf for the first look. Make sure you choose a different shade of colors, but still match the dress colors. For the second look, you can appear more casuals by using a sweater or sweatshirt over your dress. Ankle boots, work greats for both looks.