Laser hair removal. Although the laser is a safe method and offers excellent results when it comes to removing unwanted hair, you should also know the risks of laser hair removal to know how to avoid them.

First of all, the most important thing when undergoing this treatment is to have the guarantee that it is carried out by qualified personnel. Take into account under what circumstances waxing should be avoided or postponed.

The most common risks of laser hair removal

  • Redness The most common risk that can arise after the session is redness in the treated area, due to the small irritation caused by the laser in the upper layers of the dermis. …
  • Pain and swelling …
  • Bruises and bleeding …
  • Lesions on the skin. …
  • Burns.

The possible health risks of laser hair removal can be classified as temporary, of mild to moderate importance, and permanent, which should be especially avoided. Although these permanent laser side effects occur infrequently, the best guarantee to avoid them is to get in the hands of qualified personnel.

Temporary risks


The most common risk that can arise after the session is the redness of the treated area. Due to the small irritation caused by the laser in the upper layers of the dermis. It can take place up to three days after treatment and can be alleviated simply by applying cold to the skin.

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Pain and swelling

Other minor symptoms that can appear quite frequently are slight pain, itching in the area, tingling or swelling of the follicles. Under normal circumstances, all these problems disappear approximately three days after the session.

Bruises and bleeding

Other mild side effects that can occur include small bruises from numbness, bleeding from injuries to the blood vessel walls, or scabs. If these symptoms extend over more than 5 days after waxing, it is necessary to consult a doctor for treatment.

Permanent or serious risks

Skin lesions

One of the risks of laser hair removal or more serious side effects is the possibility to wound infections or skin lesions. Which can spread to other areas of the body causing disease. For this reason, it is advisable to take extreme hygiene throughout the process, and in case of injuries, apply antibiotic creams, to minimize the risk of infection by bacteria.


Although it is not very common, the risk of burns must also be taken into account, which can sometimes leave permanent scars on the skin. They can also arise from possible infections.

Pigmentation changes of the epidermis

Another of the lesions that can arise after the session is the change in pigmentation of the epidermis. Either due to hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

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Eye damage

Much less common, but also to take into account, especially when the treated area is the face. Possible eye damage that can be caused by the laser. To avoid this, it is advisable to wear suitable protective glasses during the session.

What risks are there in laser hair removal during pregnancy?

Hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can cause excess hair in women. This excess hair, known as hirsutism, usually disappears when the woman gives birth. However, many women ask if it is possible to perform their sessions during pregnancy to permanently remove this hair.

The truth is that, although the laser does not cause proven damage to the formation and development of the fetus. Its use is not recommended during pregnancy since it could affect the mother’s skin. Due to these hormonal changes, it could cause a body rejection and, later, a skin reaction.

Tips to avoid these dangers

One of the most important aspects to take into account is hygiene. It is especially convenient to keep the area to be waxed clean, in order to avoid infections. Also to remember that if the area to be waxed is the face, make-up should be avoided.

It is also not advisable to sunbathe during the weeks before the hair removal session. Since the paler the skin tone to be treated. Better results will be obtained and the risks of laser hair removal will be lower.

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To prepare the skin for laser hair removal, it is essential to keep the area hydrated and free of lesions in the previous days, avoiding dryness and pulling or friction. If injuries are suffered in the area to be treated or problems such as herpes and other infections, it is very important to notify the professional. Since in these cases laser hair removal treatment is contraindicated.

In summary, by following some simple safety and hygiene guidelines. And with the guarantee that the person who performs the laser hair removal treatment is a qualified professional. These risks will be minimized to the maximum, obtaining the best results. Laser hair removal is good for the skin and has numerous benefits as long as the sessions are carried out by a professional.