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Ladylike Clothing and Animal Prints: Evergreen Fashion Trends



Some fashion trends are timeless and irreplaceable. Even when new trends keep popping up out of nowhere, these trends will always be remembered and not fall out of style. Ladylike clothing, you may have heard of it before. It dates back to 1947. It was the year this trend burst onto the scene. It was basically a simple ensemble, a nipped-in waist and a full skirt. The trend has been flourishing since then. Christian Dior, the one behind this wonderful ensemble, has brought the trend to success.

Popular Ladylike Clothing and Animal Prints

Jackie kennedy also had a big part in making this trend mainstream. If it wasn’t for its timeless appeal, the style may have completely disappeared by now. The style is still referenced to this day. People love the simple concept. If you have the curves to pull it off, try it then. For some reason, the outfit looks polished. You may feel that newer trends have similarities with it in one way or another. Well, the thing about ladylike clothing that makes people in love is the simplicity. Being polished does not mean that it should look extravagant. It is actually pretty simple and not over the place when combined with any other outfit.

Can you look sophisticated with it? Of course, you can do that. A simple outfit can also appear more interesting with sophisticated details. For example, you can wear it together with a bow-tie kitten heels. Meanwhile, to put more weighty feeling on the top, you can wear vintage jewelry. The trend has gone through changes over the years. There are many modifications and alterations if you will. For example, instead of wearing it the traditional way, try separates instead. A blouse for the top and a skirt seems like a perfect combination.

Ladylike Clothing and Animal Prints through the seasons

Animal prints are another trend born to exist. They will go nowhere, not today, not tomorrow. They are too universal for people to forget. Their appeal is massive, like it’s impossible to totally drown them out even though we’re trying it with other alternative fashion trends. The style dates back to the 18th century. At that time, people everywhere brought the skins of tigers, zebras, and other animals they collected from the hunt.

Those exotic patterns have inspired an entire wave of fashion. Designers know animal prints. Even the general public knows how popular these patterns are in the world of fashion. They have left their mark in the industry. Why do people cling to them and can not seem to let go of them? They have become part of the fashion culture. Basically, they have secured a place in the industry. There are a lot more patterns than just beige, brown, white, black, and yellow.

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Fashion Ideas

How to Mix and Match for an Innovative Look for the New Year



Mix and Match for an Innovative Look for the New Year.
Following trends in fashion makes you look fresh and stylist. However, following the trend of color that change every year can be too much for your expenditure. What you can do to freshen up the collection yet trim the budget is the classic trick of mix and match, especially in accessories usage.

When you think that hair styles need to be adjusted annually for the reason of treatment and style, you have it right! Ending this year with a thought of what cut will suit you in the following year, is worth doing. If your hair is short, you might want to consider different layer of cuts or hair colors, or even to lengthen your hair for a more feminine look. If your hair is mid-length to long, play with styles, highlight colors or hairdo.

Your hair is the center of the whole mix and match techniques. Your accessories will have to suit your hair color and complexion feature. Their function is to give more brightness to overall look.

Hence, too much of them will not make you look nice. Earrings, necklace and bracelet are safe options, although you need to consider the colors, gems included in the jewel and effects that they bring, i.e. warm or cold.

Hair bands for mid-length or long hair style can be a help in casual occasions, but for more elegant look, hairpins is advisable. Being in harmony with other elements of your look, mixing colors do not mean too colorful neither do all in one color. Match the colors with the same elements. Wearing a hand bag can also be a strategy to make the effects of mix and match more appealing.

Not all women like carrying a hand bag, but when you need to attend semi-formal or formal invitations, of course you cannot bring your suitcase with you, it will ruin the whole theme of your fashion. It is also not recommended to collect bags with all variations of sizes and colors, except if you are a fashion practitioner with sufficient budget in hands. Collecting mid size hand bag can be a win-win solution. Make sure to choose natural colors that will make them easy to match with your dress and shoes.

For more feminine touch, a match of softly trimmed hair styles with natural colors, soft dress and elegant pieces of jewelries will make you shine. For more casual look, loose hair with curls, pastel-colored clothing and simple shoes with minimum accessories will just make you comfortable and easy.

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Fashion Ideas

Stay Stylish with Leather Bomber Jackets



For some people leather bomber jackets are not really popular. Bomber jacket is nylon jacket or leather jacket. Usually you will find two pockets at jacket front area. There is also a removable sheepskin covering as part of this jacket. At front area, you will also find zipper.

For waist area, elasticized material is used. Elasticize material is also used for sleeves area. At the beginning, this jacket is used for professional military such as pilots. This is because this jacket offering proportional weight for pilot needs. Those pilots who start to wear the jacket are the bombarding assault pilots.

This jacket can help the pilot to face the cold weather. Usually those pilots face cold weather because of their cockpits are opened. In high elevated place the pilot has to deal with cold weather. Because of that reason this jacket usually called with flight jacket. American Air Force and British Air Force are the first producers of this jacket.

There are a lot of variants from this jacket. You can find numerous style, sizes, shapes, and also shaded on marketplace. For example you can find leather bomber jackets with sleeveless model. A lot of popular person get this model for their daily. Besides that, you can also find knuckles models offered by marketplace.

For sleeve are, you can also find jacket with quarter length sleeves and even long sleeves. You can also choose your jacket based on their length. You can find jacket with length until your waist and even your hip. This jacket is one of options to face the cold weather. We will find that this jacket is made from heavy but yet comfortable materials. This jacket is made to create hefty size warm jacket for everyone. This jacket can be everyone option who want to look stylish during this cold season. This jacket will look perfect for young people who care with fashion. This jacket is also perfect for female who need fashion item to complete their cold season attire. This jacket can even wear for official time. Because of that reason, make sure to get this jacket as one of attires for this season.

We can see that the leather bomber jackets have more functions today. In old time, we are only seeing this jacket worn by pilots. As time develops we can see that this jacket become one of must have items in your cupboard. We can see that fashion is always developed and this jacket has more functions than before. At the beginning this jacket can be the symbol of pilots who fight for their nation. We can see that this jacket usage is dominated by men.

Nowadays, we can see something different happened. A lot of women are also encouraged to have this jacket as part of their fashion items. The point is simple why more women love to have this jacket. This is because the jacket can bring the sense of admiration to those pilots who sacrifice their life for their nation. All women can have this jacket and feel proud to have them to complete their outlook. There is no doubt that everyone can look stylish and stay warm with this jacket.

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