The jeans are a wildcard item that works in any season and occasion. With styling tricks, you transform a basic look into a super fashionable and comfortable production, as is the case with the slouchy model, the darling of fashionistas.

There are pieces such as shorts and shorts that are very timeless and dialogue with all the trends that prevail in the different seasons, enabling countless combinations. So, because they are so important in our wardrobe, we created this post for you to know a little more about these pieces that are key to the best looks, throughout the year. So, come on!


One of the most popular pants models of recent times, skinny pants have become a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. Very versatile, timeless, and democratic, it can be used by anyone (regardless of their biotype and style) and at any time of the day and occasion, be it formal or informal.

It is characterized by being fairer to the body and valuing its shape because it is drier. Skinny jeans can compose from simpler and more casual looks to those more formal and sophisticated, just combine them with pieces that have a look according to your goal.


The flare pants are a modern version of the famous “bell-bottoms”, which were successful in the 1970s. This model is tight on the thighs and from the knee it widens, similar to a bell. The modeling is indicated to balance physical types oval or triangular since the “bell mouth” makes the balance with the size of the hip.

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Very versatile, this model is the perfect option for the working environment and in situations that demand a more elegant production!

3.High Waist

With a vintage footprint, high-waisted jeans are a trend that has grown a lot in recent months. If you opt for a classic look, the simplest piece is the ideal one. If you like to dare, bet on different zippers and some tears in the leg to make everything cooler.

As for the top, avoid wearing too long blouses, this can leave the look inelegant. The ideal is to wear a short blouse or inside your pants so that the model appears. And if the pants are wider, it is interesting to wear with high heels, so as not to flatten the silhouette.

Boots, Sneakers, and Heels: Anything Goes!

The good news is that jeans match all types of shoes, it just depends on the season. On the hottest days, flat sandalswomen’s sneakers, lightweight shoes, and women’s mules are the perfect match. On colder days, the boots finish off the look perfectly. The pumps and heels in general give a more elegant touch when the proposal is a more ‘tidy’ look. If the idea is to put more emphasis on footwear. Remember to double the trousers or bet on a shorter model.