Halloween is a tradition to celebrate the date of October 31st, especially for people in United States of America (USA). This tradition originally came from Ireland, and it was brought by people who moved to North America. Then it becomes the tradition for people in America, especially children who love wearing costumes.

Halloween is characterized with scary costumes worn by children who come door to door to ask for candies or chocolate, and say “Trick or treat!” Though Halloween party is identical with children who wear costumes, some parents like to dress their babies too in Halloween celebration. The costumes for babies usually cute and adorable costumes. These are several Halloween costumes which make your little babies look pretty cute.

Burger Costume for Baby

Maybe your baby is learning to crawl before she/he learns to walk. Burger costume will be a perfect idea for her/him. Burger, especially Mexican burger tastes so delicious and great, this will make your baby looks delicious too.

Dinosaur Costume for Baby

Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex), Velociraptor, Allosaurus are kind of dinosaur which are very cute as a toy for your babies and kids. Besides, you can use them as costumes for your babies. Dinosaur costumes are suitable for children who are learning to walk. This costume will look cute and gorgeous for the babies.

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Little Bunny Costume for Baby

We know that bunny is the funniest and cutest animal in the world. Now we can imagine how cute the babies are if they wear bunny costumes. Bunny costumes in pastel colors, as dusty pink, purple, soft yellow, etc are acceptable for baby costumes in this Halloween. Your baby will be the most adorable baby in Halloween party.

Bumblebee Costume for Baby

Another great idea for your baby’s costume is by wearing bumblebee costume. Bumblebee is a small animal which sometimes buzzes in your ear. For baby who is learning to walk is acceptable to wear this costume. You can choose red costume with some polka dots on it. This actually makes your baby cuter and adorable for Halloween.

Caterpillar Costume for Baby

Newborn babies who haven’t been able to crawl or walk might be the cutest babies ever after. Caterpillar costume will not complicate their moves, as they can only lie down on their bed. On Halloween party, your siblings may visit you and see your adorable baby in caterpillar costume.

Those are five ideas for your baby costumes during the Halloween celebration. Pick one of them which is suitable for your baby’s growth. We are sure you will have a great night Halloween this year with the whole family.

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