With the emergence of the Furla Candy Bags as one of the most famous bags in the world there are numerous of imitation of this bag therefore it is really important to know how to identify original furla candy bags. Why is it important?

Well, because the original Furla Candy Bags are costly because the developer of this bag have used a high end craftsmanship in order to produce a decent quality bag therefore it equals with the high price. By getting a fake type of this bag, it will be truly a waste of money since it doesn’t come with a quality like the original one hence we need to carefully identify original furla candy bags before we purchase it.

Know The Product

How is it done? Well for a starter it is strongly advised to know the product that we want to buy before we buy it. One the common way to identify original furla candy bags can be done by looking at the original photos of the bag on the Furla’s website. In here we will know all the details including the attached accessories on this bag.

identify original furla candy bag

For example is the Furla Dolly Satche Laguna. This Furla’s bag is made from ares and has a laguna-green color. The attached accessories in this bag is the zipper that has a unique shape and the Furla’s logo. By knowing all the details of the bag that we wat to buy, it will be easy for us to identify original furla candy bags and differentiate wit with the fake one.

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Serial Number And Published Date

The next way to identify original furla candy bags is by knowing the serial number. Yes, every Furla’s bag has its own serial number therefore we can ask directly to the consumers regarding o the serial number of the bag that we want to purchase. And if there is any chance imitate the serial number then ask for the dates when the Furla’s bag that you want to buy is published. The original Furla’s bags will surely know all the information that we ask and doesn’t have a problem to share it with us in order to identify original furla candy bags.

tips knowing fake furla candy bag

Check The Detail

The last way to identify the original one is by checking thoroughly the bag either its sewing, thickness, or everything. We have the right to worry either it is fake or not by noticing all the damaged parts. That’s all the ways that can be pursued in order to identify original furla candy bags.