Fashion often has unwritten rules that let us explore with suitable clothing for daily wear from casual, informal, semi-formal, to formal. There are different clothes we apply on such situation based on the events we attend. Women wear formal blouse and pants to attend formal events, such as meeting with colleague, going to the office, teaching in a university, and more.

People like to judge others from their look, starting from the clothing they wear to how they talk to other people properly. So, we need to wear appropriate formal blouse and pants in order to be judged as good people since the very first time our colleague meets us.

Wearing appropriate blouse and pants for formal activities is essential for us to enjoy the event as well, such as working in the office. But we must not want people notice us wearing the same outfit every day, we have ideas to mix and match your favorite outfit to go to work before you decide to buy them in the stores.

Pants Suit for Women

Wearing Formal Blouse and Pants for Women

The best way to look formal with your outfit is by wearing pants suit for women. Pants suit for women consists of a pair of trousers with matching blazer as the outer of the top.

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For formal event, the suits are often available in dark and plain colors, like black, navy blue, brown, and etc. You can wear blouse inside of the blazer to make your look more fashionable and stylish. Picking the right blouse to match your pants will make you look elegant and feminine to go to the formal activity.

No Jeans for Formal

No Jeans for Formal

Jeans or denim pants are not designed to wear to your formal activities, instead they are designed to be more casual and informal. You cannot go to the office wearing jeans as your formal outfit since it is considered as inappropriate clothing for office work.

You should wear more appropriate pants or skirt made of suitable fabric to go to formal events. The formal blouse and pants are often made from plain cotton, cashmere, or lycra.

Formal Pants and Blouse

Formal Pants and Blouse

You can try to mix and match your old pants and blouse again to wear in formal occasions. You can pick your black pants and combine them with suitable blouse, such as white, crème, red, or blue blouse. As we know that black pants are basic pants you can match with any tops you want. Try this idea to go to your formal activity.

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Formal Dress

Formal Dress for Women

If you do not want to wear more pants and blouse, you should try another idea of the outfit for your formal event, like wearing a formal dress. A simple plain A-line dress is wearable for your formal activity. You can complete the fashionable style by putting on scarf to match your ensemble perfectly.

Those are several ideas for you to look formal by wearing a formal blouse and pants for women in attending formal events. You should try the combination in order to make you look more fashionable and stylish with your favorite outfit.