Here are Ideal shoes for Home Office. The Home Office is liked by some and feared by others, as maintaining a healthy routine that reconciles personal and professional life in the same environment can be challenging.

With the proliferation of the Covid-19 virus, many companies are adopting the home office, but some people are not used to this new way of working. The care with your look does not need to be left out at this time and it is very important in case you need to participate in a videoconference, for example.

Besides, taking off your pajamas and giving yourself the right to get dressed even while staying at home, raise your self-esteem. But for that, you don’t need a very high pump, right? After all, we are at home and we want to be comfortable! Therefore, we will show you that it is possible to be comfortable without giving up style. Check below the shoes that can not be missing these days.


Widely used since the 1950s, the sneaker is a key element in the footwear category. Combines different styles, clothes, and occasions, leaving the look beautiful and modern. They conquered the feet of women for being extremely comfortable. They do not squeeze, do not hurt, and do not cause calluses at the end of the day.

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The main advantage of beautiful shoes, without a doubt, is the comfort it provides. For sure, one of them will conquer your feet and give you more security to walk around!


When it was created, during the 16th century, the mule-type model, closed on the fingers and open on the heel, was used exclusively by men. It was only in the following century that the female feet were also put on this model. Modern, comfortable, and diverse. These are just some of the adjectives that we can attribute to the mule shoe. The mule is among the most beloved shoes by fashionistas, both for its comfort and for its style that mixes classic with modern and stripped uniquely.

The mule is very easy to use. These shoes can be combined with jeans, especially the shortest ones, midi dresses, and pleated skirts. At the top, anything goes t-shirts, shirts, and jackets for the coldest days. Check out the options available and fall in love with the mules!

Slippers and flats

The slippers are already used for thousands of years, you know? The modern slipper became popular in the United States only after World War II. Any more casual occasion can go great with a women’s slipper. As it is the face of summer, the perfect look for each one will depend on the clothes and accessories you choose to match. A model that appeals to everyone and is very versatile, is the women’s slide slipper.

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In order not to give up comfort and not lose style, bet on finishing off your looks with the most modern footwear of the season, which is the slide slipper, and rock it around! Here for the home office, you can also include clogs and flat shoes.