Short boots. When winter is approaching, the boots reappear in the shop windows and some models are true wildcards in the feminine looks. One of these models is the short boots, a very versatile and timeless model that can be used even with dresses, giving a romantic touch to the production.

Many women have doubts about how to wear short boots and in this post. We will show you the countless possibilities of looks to convince you to join the model today, check it out!

Choosing the Ideal Boot

Before thinking about the look, it is important to think about which female boot model you are going to invest in. Since there are currently several short boot models and you can choose the one that will best match that type of look.

The most famous models are ankle bootsbootsheel boots, and flat shoes. There are models for all tastes, from the most basic total black to the most elaborate with studs and fringes, just choose your favorite and use creativity to compose the looks. Check out the possible compositions with these boot models below.

Short boots with shorts

This type of look can be used both in summer and winter, just combine it with the right pieces. On colder days, you can combine shorts with pantyhose and a boot. In the summer, the possibilities are many!

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But beware: if the idea is to compose a more sophisticated look. It is best to bet on shorts with fabric and tailoring cut, and to give that differential in the look, the short heel boot is a great option in this combination.

Short boots with jeans

The most democratic combination of your wardrobe. Jeans are a piece that cannot be missed in the daily life of women and yet the composition is comfortable and stylish.

One tip is that dark wash pants call for darker boots and when combining the boot with the skinny pants the attention should be doubled. Because this model stretches the silhouette so try to match the color of the pants with that of the boot. Another tip is to fold the hem of the pants to highlight the footwear.

Short boots with legging

Legging pants are a great option to vary from jeans and the composition is comfortable without losing style. To create a look for more formal environments, you can invest in a fake leather legging, a blazer, and a leather boot with heels to give that up in production.

For more relaxed environments the same composition can be used, but the blazer can be with prints like polka dots, or else make a mix of prints with the blazer and shirt.

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